Retired fire captain secures victory in Troy City Council race

February 19, 2024

Tom Casey elected to Troy City Council District 6

Tom Casey, a retired fire captain and paramedic with Troy, NY Local 86 and an active member of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Motorcycle Group, won the Troy City Council race for District 6.

Casey, who has dedicated his life to public service and shown a strong commitment to the Troy community, embarks on a new chapter with this victory.

“Being voted majority leader and president pro tempore was a pleasant surprise,” Casey remarked.

With a career that spans over 30 years in local electoral politics, he brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

“I believed I could unite people despite differences and contribute significantly, as did my colleagues,” he added.

Leadership and public safety

The Troy City Council, consisting of seven elected officials serving two-year terms, now sees a Republican majority with Casey at the helm of the Public Safety Committee.

Casey’s election is notable for his approach to leadership and public safety, areas he is passionate about improving in his community.

Casey expressed gratitude for the support he received from the IAFF during his campaign.

“I was given assistance with FIREPAC, and the money helped me get my message out,” he said, highlighting the significance of community and union support in his electoral success.

Motivations and achievements

Casey’s motivation for entering the political arena stems from a desire to bridge the growing disconnect between the community and its elected officials.

“There are no constituent relations anymore,” he observed, pointing out the challenges residents face in getting basic services. His commitment to addressing these issues is a key focus of his tenure.

Casey shared one of his early achievements: securing funding for a new fire engine and ambulance.

“Highlighting the critical importance of reliable equipment, I emphasized that fire engines and ambulances must operate flawlessly to save lives,” he explained.

This achievement underscores his dedication to the safety and well-being of the Troy community.

Background and community involvement

Casey’s journey to public service is rooted in a family legacy within the fire service, making his transition to public office a natural progression.

With a background that contrasts sharply with the typical administrative paths into politics, Casey’s firsthand experience with community engagement informs his approach to governance.

“As a fire fighter, I’ve been on the frontlines every day, engaging directly with the public,” Casey said.

His commitment extends beyond his official duties, as he is an advocate for workers’ rights and deeply connected to the community through his service.

“I think my connection to the fire service is profound; I wear my firefighter’s lapel pin to every meeting as a symbol of gratitude for my career,” he noted, highlighting the honor he feels in serving his hometown.

FSJA Comment

Tom Casey’s victory in the Troy City Council District 6 race represents a significant moment for the community, reflecting a broader trend of individuals with hands-on public service experience stepping into political roles.

Casey’s extensive background in fire service and public safety, coupled with his dedication to addressing the concerns of his constituents, positions him as a promising leader for Troy.

His efforts to improve constituent relations and secure vital resources for public safety underscore the importance of responsive and effective local governance.

As Casey embarks on his term, his approach to leadership, grounded in first hand experience and community involvement, may offer valuable insights into the potential for positive change within municipal governance.

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