RESCUE Intellitech teams up with cartoonist Paul Combs for firefighter personality test

April 3, 2024

Innovative partnership aims to engage firefighting community

RESUE Intellitech, known for its creative solutions within the firefighting and rescue services sector, has announced a new partnership with cartoonist and former firefighter Paul Combs.

This collaboration has led to the creation of an online personality test, ‘What Type of Firefighter Are You?‘, designed specifically for firefighters.

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The test is meant to provide a fun, engaging way for firefighters to learn about their unique strengths and roles within their teams, while also touching on the critical themes of safety and team dynamics.

Paul Combs, whose comic strips have long resonated within the firefighting community for their humor and insightful commentary on relevant issues, brings a distinct perspective to this project.

His contribution is expected to leverage his vast experience and following to further engage the firefighting community in meaningful conversations.

A closer look at the personality test

The ‘What Type of Firefighter Are You?’ personality test introduces six unique characters, each symbolizing essential roles within the fire station team.

The aim is for participants to find out which character they are most like, thereby gaining insight into their strengths and how they contribute to their teams.

Bjorn Rowland, Vice President Sales & Marketing Americas at RESCUE Intellitech, expressed excitement about the collaboration: “We are thrilled to partner with Paul Combs on this innovative project.

“By combining Paul Combs’s artistic flair with RESCUE Intellitech’s commitment to firefighter safety, we aim to reach a broader audience within the firefighting community and reinforce our dedication to their well-being.”

Engaging the community at FDIC 2024

The campaign, launching today, will be featured at the FDIC 2024 event in Indianapolis this April.

Attendees visiting RESCUE Intellitech’s booth 433 will have the opportunity to take the personality test and receive a complimentary limited-edition t-shirt designed by Paul Combs.

Paul Combs shared his thoughts on the initiative: “We believe in using creativity and humor as powerful tools to convey important messages.

“Through this collaboration, we hope to engage firefighters in a fun and interactive way while promoting awareness about the importance of safety and preparedness.”

For further details about RESCUE Intellitech and to take the ‘What Type of Firefighter Are You?’ personality test, please visit their website or booth 433 at the FDIC show.

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