Relay Fire & Safety acquires Metro Fire Inspections acquisition

December 13, 2023

Relay Fire & Safety, a commercial fire protection and life safety firm, has officially announced its acquisition of Metro Fire Inspections.

The latter, a comprehensive fire protection service provider, is known for its extensive work across New York City’s five boroughs, Suffolk County, and Nassau County.

This strategic move marks Relay’s second acquisition, signifying its growing influence in the New York metro area.

Metro’s role in fire and safety

Metro Fire Inspections has established itself as a full-service entity in the fire protection sector.

The company has a rich history of offering maintenance, inspection, repair, and addressing various violations and deficiencies.

This acquisition by Relay is seen as a pivotal step in enhancing the fire safety services within the region.

Relay’s commitment to excellence

Relay Fire & Safety has built a reputation for prioritizing customer service, responsiveness, and adherence to building safety and code compliance across the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and New England regions.

Their approach goes beyond mere compliance, focusing on partnerships and high-level service.

The company offers a comprehensive solution for managing fire protection and life safety systems in commercial buildings.

Statements from the companies’ leaders

Rob Perper, the owner of Metro, expressed his confidence in Relay, highlighting their shared values and commitment to life safety and property protection.

He sees the acquisition as a chance to merge their expertise with Relay’s technology-oriented platform.

Chris Horan, CEO of Relay Fire and Safety, voiced his gratitude towards Perper and the Metro team, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining the legacy and strong local presence built by Metro’s professionals.

Continued service and employee integration

With over two decades of service in New York City and beyond, Metro’s solid reputation combined with Relay’s expertise is expected to enhance service levels in the Fire and Life Safety industry.

All employees of Metro have retained their positions in this transition, joining the Relay Fire and Safety team.

FSJA Comment

The acquisition of Metro Fire Inspections by Relay Fire & Safety represents a significant development in the fire and safety industry, particularly in the New York area.

This merger not only combines the strengths and expertise of both companies but also signals Relay’s growing presence and commitment to the region.

The retention of Metro’s employees is a positive indicator of a smooth transition, ensuring continuity of service and expertise.

This acquisition underscores the dynamic nature of the fire and safety industry and Relay’s strategic approach to expansion and customer service.

It also highlights the importance of technological integration in modern fire safety practices, a key aspect of Relay’s operational ethos.

About Relay Fire and Safety

Relay Fire and Safety, founded in 2023, emerged from the combination of Advanced Fire Protection Systems and American Service Company.

It boasts a century-long history in the Fire and Life Safety industry.

Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Relay emphasizes a detailed approach to fire and life safety, going beyond compliance to provide clients with exceptional service and technology-driven control over their fire and life safety systems.

The company operates from three locations across the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and New England.

For more information, visit Relay Fire and Safety.

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