Relay Fire and Safety unveils new brand, merging Advanced Fire Protection Systems and American Service Company

December 8, 2023

Relay Fire and Safety has officially announced the introduction of its new brand in the fire and life safety sector.

This development is the result of a strategic merger between two leading companies in the industry: Baltimore-based Advanced Fire Protection Systems (AFPS) and Boston-based American Service Company (ASC).

The union of these companies, each with a rich heritage of over 50 years, marks a significant milestone in the fire and life safety services in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and New England regions.

Formation of Relay Fire and Safety

The new brand, Relay Fire and Safety, emerges as a confluence of expertise and experience from AFPS and ASC.

This merger sets a high standard for safety and excellence across the regions it serves.

By combining the strengths and legacies of the two companies, Relay Fire and Safety aims to redefine the benchmarks for fire protection services, offering tailor-made solutions to meet the unique safety requirements of every property.

Strategic merger enhancing fire and life safety solutions

Chris Horan, the CEO of Relay Fire and Safety, commented on the significance of this rebranding.

Horan highlighted that the amalgamation of AFPS and ASC not only consolidates their expertise but also expands their geographical reach, enabling them to serve a wider clientele with best-in-class service and a steadfast commitment to safety.

The merger enriches the company’s collective proficiency and allows Relay Fire and Safety to stand at the forefront of fire protection services.

Commitment to innovation and client satisfaction

Relay Fire and Safety is founded on principles of collaboration, innovation, and strict adherence to all relevant safety regulations and standards.

The company’s seasoned team of professionals works closely with clients to develop customized fire protection plans, ensuring comprehensive and reliable safety solutions.

Their service offerings encompass the design, installation, and integration of advanced fire detection, suppression, and alarm systems.

The company’s dedication to utilizing the latest technology and industry best practices is one of its distinguishing factors.

Regardless of the project’s size or complexity, Relay Fire and Safety is committed to exceeding safety standards and providing peace of mind to property owners and occupants.

More information about their services can be found at www.relaysafety.com.

Relay Fire and Safety emphasizes the importance of protecting people and property, ensuring regulatory compliance, incorporating cutting-edge technology, and providing customized fire system design and installation.

This rebranding is more than a name change; it signifies a commitment to safeguarding lives and properties, backed by over a century of combined experience and expertise.

FSJA Comment

The formation of Relay Fire and Safety through the merger of AFPS and ASC is a significant event in the fire and life safety industry.

This merger not only combines the vast experience and resources of two established companies but also extends their capability to offer more comprehensive and advanced solutions to a broader market.

The emphasis on innovation, client satisfaction, and adherence to safety standards positions Relay Fire and Safety as a pivotal player in enhancing fire safety measures.

As urbanization continues to grow, and with the increasing complexity of building designs and safety requirements, the role of companies like Relay Fire and Safety becomes more crucial.

Their commitment to leveraging technology and customizing solutions for each property showcases a forward-thinking approach in an industry where safety is paramount.

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