Reducing firefighter exposure to harmful toxins with De-Wipe

February 27, 2024

Jo Taylor, Director of De-Wipe talks decontamination

Can you introduce De-Wipe and its place in the fire and safety industry?

De-Wipe specializes in developing decontamination wipes, uniquely crafted for the fire and safety industry.

Our products are scientifically validated to effectively remove harmful toxins and smoke odors from the skin, offering crucial protection to firefighters.

Our commitment lies in enhancing the safety and health of those who bravely face fire hazards, by reducing their exposure to dangerous contaminants.

What innovation has De-Wipe brought innovation to the fire and safety sector?

De-Wipe’s major innovation in the fire and safety sector is our groundbreaking decontamination wipes.

They are a result of rigorous scientific research, designed to eliminate contaminants and smoke odors efficiently.

Our innovation is a direct response to the growing concern about cancer risks among firefighters, providing them a practical solution to reduce their exposure to harmful toxins.

Are there any other solutions you would like to highlight?

De-Wipe’s Equipment Wash, a recent addition to our product line, has garnered approval from notable suppliers like MSA, Draeger, and Motorola.

It’s being innovatively trialed on electric car blankets, which are used to contain fires in electric vehicles.

These blankets, often discussed for potential carcinogenic properties and limited reusability, are now being tested with our wash for effective cleaning and toxin removal.

Additionally, a fire service is utilizing our wash for cleaning helmets and gloves.

It’s versatile in application, either diluted for dunking equipment or further diluted in a spray bottle for quick, on-the-spot cleaning at stations.

What are some of the biggest challenges currently facing the fire and safety industry?

The fire and safety industry is increasingly aware of the cancer risks firefighters face due to exposure to toxins.

At De-Wipe, we tackle this challenge head-on with our scientifically-proven decontamination wipes.

Our products are an integral part of a safer protocol for firefighters post-exposure, helping to mitigate the health risks associated with their crucial work.

How does De-Wipe tailor its products and services for fire and safety sector?

We understand that the needs of firefighters are unique, particularly concerning decontamination.

Our products are specifically designed to focus on the body areas most susceptible to contaminant exposure.

We also engage in educational efforts, emphasizing the importance of thorough decontamination post-firefighting, thereby ensuring our products meet the nuanced needs of our clients in the fire and safety sector.

Looking ahead, what are De-Wipes primary goals in the fire and safety industry?

In terms of our expansion plans, De-Wipe is actively seeking partnerships in the United States.

We’ve already introduced our product range and are now focused on establishing official partnerships across various industries.

We aim to extend our reach and enhance the safety protocols in these sectors with our range of decontamination and cleaning products.

This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of Fire & Safety Journal Americas. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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