Real-time 911 call streaming enhances officer response

July 2, 2024

BRINC and HigherGround partner for real-time 911 call streaming

BRINC has partnered with HigherGround to enhance emergency response for first responders by providing comprehensive information from 911 calls.

The partnership involves integrating HigherGround’s Live911 software with BRINC’s Drone as First Responder (DFR) solution, allowing for live video feeds alongside 911 call audio.

BRINC’s new DFR solution aims to address the limitations of dispatcher summaries, which often omit crucial details.

With the integration of Live911, teleoperators can hear 911 emergency calls in real-time, and officers can receive immediate updates on the situation before arriving on the scene.

Enhancing situational awareness and response efficiency

The combination of BRINC’s DFR solution and HigherGround’s Live911 enables officers to access full 911 call details and live visuals.

This integration allows for more accurate assessments of emergency situations, leading to better-informed decisions and enhanced de-escalation.

Blake Resnick, CEO of BRINC, emphasized the importance of this collaboration: “Integrating Live911’s real-time call streaming with our DFR solution addresses a critical gap in emergency response.

This ensures officers receive comprehensive, unfiltered information, improving their situational awareness and response efficiency.”

Immediate and accurate information for officers

Terry Ryan, CEO and President of HigherGround, highlighted the benefits of the partnership: “The fusion of Live911’s real-time audio with BRINC’s drone video feeds provides a powerful tool for first responders.

“This collaboration ensures that officers have the most accurate and immediate information, crucial for effective decision-making and rapid response.”

The integration of Live911’s patented technology with BRINC’s DFR solution allows officers to listen to 911 calls and view live video feeds from drones once they arrive on the scene.

This real-time data integration eliminates the need for officers to rely solely on dispatcher summaries, which may omit critical information.

Improved emergency response effectiveness

By providing officers with comprehensive information from 911 calls and live video feeds, the collaboration between BRINC and HigherGround aims to enhance emergency response effectiveness.

Officers can better assess situations, make informed decisions, and respond more quickly and precisely.

This partnership addresses the limitations of traditional emergency response methods, offering a more efficient way to relay critical information to first responders.

The integration of real-time call streaming and live video feeds ensures that officers have all the necessary information to handle emergencies effectively.

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