Ramtech’s wireless safety system enhances fire safety at Hudson’s Detroit development

June 3, 2024

Ramtech’s role in Hudson’s Detroit

As reported by Ramtech, the wireless solutions provider has played a significant role in protecting the flagship $1 billion mixed-use development, Hudson’s Detroit.

The project, delivered by contractor Barton Malow, has engaged over 3,500 trade professionals since its inception in 2017.

To ensure worker safety on this extensive site, Barton Malow collaborated with Ramtech to implement its Wireless Evacuation System (WES3).

Currently under construction in downtown Detroit, the Hudson’s development includes a 54-floor tower, a 12-floor building, and a three-floor basement.

Once complete, the development will offer a variety of opportunities for business and public use, including retail, office, residential, event, exhibition, and hotel spaces.

Since 2017, workers have logged a combined 2.7 million work hours on the project.

Advanced fire safety measures

Ramtech’s WES3, a forward-thinking solution with 24/7 monitoring for fire safety and evacuation, has significantly improved site safety.

The system has efficiently evacuated more than 350 workers within fifteen minutes during several drills.

Joe Beecher, vice president of sales at Ramtech, highlighted the importance of robust safety measures: “This is a truly iconic project that will become a destination offering for the people of Detroit, so it’s important robust safety measures are in place.”

Beecher emphasized the inadequacy of traditional fire safety methods in loud construction environments.

He stated: “Traditional methods of fire safety, such as air horns and fire patrols are simply not good enough.

“It only takes a split second for something minor to escalate quite quickly and become a massive hit to livelihoods and brand reputation.”

Fire safety statistics and technology integration

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), construction site fires cost the industry around $408 million in damages and insurance payouts.

This statistic has driven contractors to adopt more advanced safety measures.

The fire safety solution at Hudson’s Detroit includes manual fire and medical alarm call points, installed according to the project’s fire plan.

The interlinked system ensures that all areas receive the same alert signals, even if a fire is contained to one area.

The WES3 alarms are assigned to specific locations, providing pinpoint accuracy for potential emergencies across the large site.

Anna Kahl, project safety professional at Barton Malow, remarked on the system’s efficiency: “Evacuation of a project this size would be extremely challenging, however the efficiency WES3 has brought to our site, with workers hearing the alarms at one time, is vital.”

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