Ramtech fire safety systems enhance safety at $1 billion Hudson Detroit megaproject

June 18, 2024

Ramtech Fire safety solutions deployed at Hudson Detroit megaproject

As reported by Ramtech, the Hudson’s Detroit megaproject, a 1.5 million square foot mixed-use development, has implemented advanced fire safety measures.

The project, under the leadership of contractor Barton Malow, aims to ensure the safety of over 350 trade professionals working on-site since its inception in 2017.

Ramtech’s Wireless Evacuation System (WES3) is central to these efforts, providing 24/7 monitoring and rapid evacuation capabilities.

The Hudson’s development, located in downtown Detroit, includes a 54-floor tower and a 12-floor building with a three-floor basement.

Once completed, the project will offer retail, office, residential, event, exhibition, and hotel space.

Joe Beecher, vice president of sales at Ramtech, emphasized the importance of robust safety measures, stating: “Traditional methods of fire safety, such as air horns and fire patrols, are simply not good enough.”

Impact of fire safety measures

The WES3 system has already demonstrated its effectiveness, successfully evacuating all 350 workers in just 15 minutes during several drills.

This system includes manual fire and medical alarm call points installed according to the project’s fire plan.

The interlinked system ensures that all areas receive the same audible and visual alert signals, providing pinpoint accuracy for any potential emergencies.

Anna Kahl, project safety professional at Barton Malow, commented on the system’s efficiency: “Evacuation of a project this size would be extremely challenging.

“However, the efficiency WES3 has brought to our site, with workers hearing the alarms simultaneously, is vital.

“With WES3 installed, we feel secure and our workers feel safe.”

Financial impact of construction site fires

Construction site fires have historically caused significant financial damage.

Official figures from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reveal that such fires have cost the industry approximately $408 million in damages and insurance payouts.

This has led contractors to prioritize more robust safety measures in recent years.

Barton Malow’s proactive approach to incorporating Ramtech’s WES3 technology from the project’s inception highlights a shift towards integrating advanced safety solutions in large-scale construction projects.

This strategy not only enhances safety but also protects livelihoods and brand reputation.

Future prospects of Hudson Detroit

Once complete, the Hudson’s Detroit tower is expected to be the second tallest building in the city, standing at 685 feet.

This development is set to become a significant addition to Detroit’s skyline, offering various business and public spaces.

The collaboration between Barton Malow and Ramtech exemplifies the construction industry’s evolving approach to site safety.

As projects become larger and more complex, the adoption of advanced technologies like WES3 is likely to become more widespread, ensuring safer working environments.

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