Quito firefighters provide comprehensive review of their 2023 activities

May 8, 2024

Quito Fire Department holds public accountability session

On May 2, 2024, the Fire Department of the Metropolitan District of Quito engaged in a public accountability session in the General Command auditorium, detailing its operations throughout 2023.

This event emphasized transparency and provided the community with insights into the department’s resource allocation and emergency response efforts over the past year.

Christian Macancela, a representative of the citizens, said that the institution showed that every economic resource it received was invested efficiently, promoting continuous improvement in the timely and specialized response to emergencies.

The act of public deliberation not only showcased the department’s dedication to improvement but also highlighted the critical role of transparency in fostering public trust.

Importance of accountability in public management

Accountability is a fundamental right, protected under the Constitution and law, serving as a mechanism for social control by citizens.

This process is crucial for restoring public confidence in the management of public institutions and is considered an essential element of good governance.

Citizen involvement in these accountability sessions promotes better government performance by ensuring ongoing dialogue between authorities and the public, ultimately enhancing the outcomes of public management.

Quito Fire Department’s emergency response in 2023

In 2023, the Quito Fire Department was remarkably active, handling a total of 42,614 emergencies.

These included 17,429 cases of pre-hospital care, 2,913 forest fires, 2,610 rescues, 925 emergencies involving hazardous materials, 887 urban fires, 357 aviation missions using unmanned aircraft, 242 security assists, 226 firefighting aviation missions with helicopters, and 12,926 telephone emergencies.

TCrnl. Esteban Cárdenas, Chief of Firefighters, highlighted the department’s role as a leader in both national and regional emergency management.

FSJA comment

The Quito Fire Department’s extensive report on their activities in 2023 exemplifies the importance of transparency and public accountability in government operations.

Their detailed disclosure of emergency responses and resource management reflects a commitment to not only meeting the immediate needs of the community but also to ongoing organizational improvement.

The proactive approach in engaging with the citizens underscores the role of public oversight in enhancing the effectiveness of such essential services.

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