Quito firefighters enhance skills for dry season preparedness

June 11, 2024

Firefighters update skills ahead of dry season

The Quito Firefighters Forest Fire Unit has taken proactive measures to prepare for the upcoming dry season.

From June 3 to 7, 25 members of the unit participated in the “Analysis of Forest Fires and the Risks Associated with Smoke” course.

The training aimed to enhance their firefighting skills and knowledge to better serve the city, as reported by Bomberos Quito.

Following theoretical instruction, the firefighters conducted practical exercises simulating real fires in the Lloa sector.

They applied the Campbell Method during these exercises to assess current conditions, predict fire behavior, understand smoke characteristics, and determine safety measures.

Campbell method explained

The Campbell Method is a comprehensive system used to evaluate forest fire conditions and predict their behavior.

It includes analyzing smoke characteristics, using protective equipment, and identifying safe areas for firefighters.

This method supports the effective and safe execution of firefighting operations.

Cptn. Luis Guala, Head of the Specialized Forest Fire Unit, said that the course and the implementation of the Campbell Method enhance knowledge and strengthen field operations, equipment deployment, and identification of safe places.

International regulations and safety

The training was conducted following international regulations to ensure proven procedures are applied.

These regulations aim to minimize damage and injuries during fire operations, especially in scenarios involving fire and forest smoke exposure.

The Quito Firefighters Forest Fire Unit’s adherence to these standards underscores their commitment to safety and effective fire management practices.

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