Quito Fire Department strengthens emergency response with new specialists

May 29, 2024

New emergency specialists join Quito Fire Department ranks

For the first time in 80 years, the Fire Department of the Metropolitan District of Quito has incorporated 38 Medical Emergency Technologists and five Clinical Psychologists into its ranks.

This initiative is part of a new educational and training model aimed at enhancing care for citizens in Quito.

As reported by the Fire Department of the Metropolitan District of Quito, the newly incorporated specialists consist of 15 women and 28 men.

These professionals trained for five months at the “Mayor Rodrigo Peñaherrera” Academy for Training, Specialization, and Professionalization of Firefighters.

Their training combined professional knowledge with firefighting work, focusing on doctrinal, technical, and practical aspects.

Graduation ceremony highlights

The graduation ceremony took place at the Academy’s facilities in the Cdla sector of Atahualpa, in southern Quito.

Municipal authorities, including María Fernanda Racines, deputy mayor of Quito, Carolina Andrade, Secretary General of Citizen Security and Risk Management, and councilors Sandra Hidalgo and Analía Ledesma, attended the event.

Internal authorities of the Quito Fire Department also congratulated the graduates.

During the ceremony, the new firefighters received the genets, symbolizing their mission to save lives.

They presented their oath before their families and the public, committing to their new roles.

Statements from fire department leadership

TCnrl. Esteban Cárdenas Varela, chief of the Quito Fire Department, congratulated the graduates and symbolically handed over the new group of firefighters to the community.

He expressed his gratitude to the families of the new firefighters, acknowledging their support for the future of the institution.

Cárdenas confirmed that these newly incorporated professionals would participate in the institution’s continuous improvement processes, focusing on education and constant preparation to provide quality service to citizens.

Institutional commitment to continuous improvement

The Fire Department of the Metropolitan District of Quito emphasizes the importance of ongoing education and training.

The inclusion of Medical Emergency Technologists and Clinical Psychologists marks a significant step in enhancing the department’s ability to respond to emergencies with highly qualified personnel.

This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that the department can provide the best possible service to the citizens of Quito.

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