Quito Fire Department launches safety campaign for holiday season

December 13, 2023

Quito Fire Department addresses increased fire risks during holidays

The Quito Fire Department is actively promoting safety measures to address the heightened risk of fires during the holiday season.

This initiative comes as the use of electrical decorations in Christmas trees and the unsupervised use of candles, incense, and decorative lights has led to a significant increase in fire hazards​​.

Safety measures and recommendations for the community

To ensure a safe holiday season, the department is emphasizing the importance of careful handling of holiday decorations.

Recommendations include securely mounting Christmas trees and decorations, never leaving candles unattended, and disconnecting electrical holiday decorations before sleeping or leaving home.

These measures aim to reduce emergency incidents and enhance community safety​​.

Demonstrative activities and warnings against fireworks

The Quito Fire Department has also organized demonstrative activities, providing the public with vital information on the dangers associated with fireworks, electrical failures, and candle usage.

Through informative stands, the department showcased how improper handling of fireworks can lead to irreversible damage such as burns, auditory problems, and eye injuries.

The department firmly states that there is no safe way to use fireworks, and the best prevention is abstention​​.

Recommendations for firework safety and pet protection

The department advises against lighting fireworks in hand or within objects, manipulating or extracting their contents, igniting them near flammable materials, or using fireworks with unpredictable trajectories.

Additionally, the department suggests methods to protect pets from the stress caused by fireworks, including finding a secure, soundproof space or using the Tellington Touch technique to calm them​​.

FSJA Comment

The Quito Fire Department’s initiative is a timely response to the increased fire hazards during the holiday season.

The focus on safety through preventive measures and public education is commendable.

The department’s approach, which includes both direct recommendations for the public and demonstrative activities, highlights the importance of awareness in preventing fire-related incidents.

The emphasis on the dangers of fireworks and the care for urban wildlife, particularly pets, underscores a comprehensive view of community safety.

This campaign is not just about preventing fires but also about fostering a safe, stress-free environment for all city residents during the festive period.

Note: This article was translated from Spanish and may contain minor translation errors.

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