Quito Fire Department celebrates 80 years of service

April 8, 2024

Quito Firefighters honor 80 years of dedication and service

On April 4, 2024, the Quito Fire Department commemorated its 80th anniversary with a special ceremony at the Sucre National Theater, marking eight decades of unwavering commitment to safeguarding the city and its residents.

Pabel Muñoz, Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Quito, praised the department for its professionalism, saying: “Firefighters are a source of pride in our city. I have found a lot of professionalism in this institution.”

Founded on April 1, 1944, the Quito Fire Department now boasts 25 stations and over 1,400 personnel equipped with state-of-the-art technology, prepared to tackle emergencies with expertise and a strong sense of duty.

TCrnl. (B) Esteban Cárdenas Varela, during the event, highlighted the department’s legacy of sacrifice and dedication, “We celebrate a truly significant milestone in the history of our beloved institution.

“There are eight decades of sacrifice and unwavering dedication towards the protection of our city.”

Recognition and tributes

The anniversary event also served as an opportunity to recognize the contributions of the fire department’s personnel.

Awards were presented for 15, 20, and 25 years of service, as well as to retired members who have significantly contributed to the institution’s mission.

The ceremony underscored the department’s vital role in responding to emergencies, such as the Alausí landslide in March 2023 and the forest fire in the El Ángel Reserve in January of this year.

Additionally, the event celebrated the specialized units’ achievements, including aeromedical evacuations and pre-hospital care under challenging conditions.

Training for Quito’s firefighters is in line with international standards, ensuring a force that is not only skilled but also deeply committed to humanism, solidarity, and social responsibility.

This comprehensive preparation underscores the department’s pledge to contribute positively to the community it serves.

A week of celebration and community engagement

The 80th-anniversary celebrations began on March 27 with a Commemorative Mass and included a series of events leading up to the April 4 commemoration.

These activities included tributes to the department’s first 19 fire chiefs and an Academic Meeting on Professional Firefighter Ethics, attracting local and international experts along with aspiring firefighters.

On April 6, the “Live the Experience Fair Expo” at Bicentennial Park offered the public a glimpse into the life of a firefighter, emphasizing fire prevention and the importance of the fire department’s daily efforts.

TCrnl. (B) Esteban Cárdenas Varela reaffirmed the department’s commitment to continuous improvement and quality service to the citizens of Quito.

FSJA Comment

The Quito Fire Department’s 80th anniversary reflects the enduring commitment of its personnel to protect and serve their community.

The department’s continuous evolution in terms of training, equipment, and response capabilities exemplifies a proactive approach to safety and emergency management.

This dedication to excellence ensures the safety of Quito’s residents, contributing to the broader goal of creating a resilient and prepared community.

As we reflect on the department’s past achievements, we also look forward to its future contributions to fire safety and emergency response.

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