Quesnel Fire Department secures new firetruck despite high bids

December 4, 2023

The Quesnel Fire Department (QFD) has recently secured approval for the purchase of a new fire engine, a decision necessitated by the aging fleet and safety considerations.

The move to acquire the new vehicle comes despite the higher-than-expected bids received for its construction.

Importance of upgrading the fire engine

Initially, the Quesnel city council had earmarked $1.2 million for a new fire engine, intended to replace a 25-year-old truck currently in use.

This decision underscores the city’s commitment to maintaining effective and reliable firefighting capabilities.

In a statement, Fire Chief Ron Richert highlighted the exigency of upgrading the department’s apparatus, especially considering the current truck’s age.

Challenges in the bidding process

The bidding process for the new firetruck was not without its challenges.

The bids received were higher than anticipated, attributed mainly to the prevailing economic conditions, such as inflation and fluctuations in the Canadian dollar’s value.

Despite this, the council remained resolute in its decision, recognizing the firetruck’s critical role in public safety.

Selection of Fort Garry Firetrucks

After careful consideration, the bid was awarded to Fort Garry Firetrucks, which met and exceeded all the requirements of the Request for Proposals (RFP).

The company’s bid was valued at $1,422,499, plus taxes.

Chief Richert commended Fort Garry Firetrucks for their alignment with the department’s current fleet layout and design, while still offering the best value.

Importantly, the company’s proposal included the shortest delivery timeframe, estimated at 18 to 20 months.

Funding and logistics of the new fire engine

The funding for this significant investment will come from the City of Quesnel’s Fire Equipment Reserve and the Growing Communities Fund Reserve.

The new fire engine will replace the existing reserve 1998 American Lefrance fire engine and facilitate the transfer of the 2009 Hub fire engine from Firehall No.


This cascading effect of the new addition to the fleet is part of a strategic approach to maintaining an up-to-date and efficient firefighting fleet.

Unanimous decision by the mayor and council

The decision to proceed with the purchase was unanimous among the mayor and council members, signifying a collective commitment to enhancing the city’s fire protection services.

FSJA Comment

The approval for a new fire truck for the Quesnel Fire Department marks a significant step in bolstering the city’s firefighting capabilities.

This decision, made despite higher-than-expected costs, demonstrates a deep commitment to public safety and proactive community protection.

The aging fleet’s upgrade highlights the importance of modern and efficient emergency response tools in a world where urban safety is increasingly complex and demanding.

The choice of Fort Garry Firetrucks, given their reputation and alignment with the department’s needs, ensures that Quesnel’s investment is not just a response to immediate needs but a strategic move towards long-term resilience and preparedness.

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