Pye-Barker Fire & Safety expands in North Carolina

December 18, 2023

Pye-Barker Fire & Safety strengthens market presence with two acquisitions

Pye-Barker Fire & Safety, the United States’ leading fully integrated and full-service fire protection, life safety, and security services provider, has recently expanded its market presence in North Carolina.

The company acquired two prominent security and alarm companies in Greensboro: Alarmguard Security, Inc., and Sentry Watch.

These acquisitions are part of Pye-Barker’s ongoing growth strategy, emphasizing strategic acquisitions and organic sales.

Alarmguard Security joins the Pye-Barker family

Alarmguard Security, founded in 1989 by James and Rhonda Lee, specializes in integrated security and fire detection systems, including burglar and fire alarms, access control, and video surveillance.

Under James Lee’s leadership, who is also a former board member of the Electronic Security Association, the company has prioritized employee training and innovative customer-focused technology.

James Lee commented on the acquisition, stating, “As a family-operated business for over 30 years, our community in North Carolina has come to know us for our commitment to protecting our neighbors.

Pye-Barker has a fantastic reputation in the industry, and I’m confident in their team to uphold our high standards for customer care.”

Sentry Watch enhances Pye-Barker’s service portfolio

The acquisition of Sentry Watch, headquartered in Greensboro and operating in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Roxboro, further enhances Pye-Barker’s capabilities.

Sentry Watch is known for its integrated life safety systems that protect property and lives, complementing Pye-Barker’s existing service offerings.

A strategic move for Pye-Barker

These acquisitions align with Pye-Barker’s aggressive growth strategy and its status as the industry’s acquirer of choice, particularly in the Carolinas.

The addition of Alarmguard and Sentry Watch to the Pye-Barker portfolio represents a significant enhancement of the company’s services in the Southeast region.

Bart Proctor, CEO of Pye-Barker, expressed his enthusiasm: “Alarmguard is a great addition to the Pye-Barker family as we continue high-velocity growth while staying true to our roots as an organization built on family.

“I am proud of the incredible businesses we’ve partnered with in 2023 that enhance our full-service offerings and align with our values.”

FSJA Comment

The recent acquisitions by Pye-Barker Fire & Safety mark a significant expansion of its services in North Carolina, strengthening its position in the Southeastern United States.

The strategic incorporation of Alarmguard Security and Sentry Watch into Pye-Barker’s portfolio not only broadens the company’s geographic footprint but also enriches its service offerings.

These acquisitions demonstrate Pye-Barker’s commitment to growth through strategic partnerships, indicating a robust and forward-thinking approach in the fire protection and security industry.

The continued expansion and diversification of Pye-Barker’s services underscore the company’s dedication to providing comprehensive and quality safety solutions to its clients.

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