Pye-Barker Fire & Safety commands southeast, acquiring industry leader S&S Sprinkler

November 30, 2023

Pye-Barker expands portfolio with strategic acquisition

Pye-Barker Fire & Safety, a prominent player in the fire protection and security sector, has announced its latest acquisition of S&S Sprinkler, further cementing its position in the Southeastern United States.

This strategic move sees Pye-Barker adding five key locations of S&S Sprinkler to its growing portfolio of acquisitions, marking a significant expansion in the Gulf Coast states and the broader Southeastern market.

Synergy in values and capabilities

Bart Proctor, CEO of Pye-Barker, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with S&S Sprinkler.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with S&S,” he said.

Proctor praised S&S’s values-driven culture and innovative approach to business, emphasizing the alignment in commitment to top-tier services and solutions.

This acquisition brings onboard a dedicated team, experienced leaders, and key geographic locations, edging Pye-Barker closer to becoming the single-source provider of choice in every U.S. market.

S&S Sprinkler’s journey and expertise

Founded in 1971 as a fire sprinkler installer, S&S Sprinkler’s journey to becoming a fully integrated provider for sprinklers, suppression, extinguishers, fire detection, alarms, and security systems is noteworthy.

Under the leadership of Leland Moore, Sr., the company expanded its operations and services.

Headquartered in Mobile, Alabama, S&S Sprinkler also operates in Baton Rouge and Lake Charles, Louisiana; Beaumont, Texas; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

A partnership based on mutual understanding and growth

Leland Moore, Sr., Owner and Chairman of S&S Sprinkler, acknowledged the influx of partnership opportunities but highlighted the unique appeal of Pye-Barker.

“Pye-Barker understands our business and what our teams experience on the job,” Moore stated.

He expressed that the partnership would provide additional resources, financial strength, a larger geographic footprint, a broader talent pool, and enhanced benefits and opportunities for the staff.

Shared values and future prospects

Parks Moore, President of Sales and Engineering at S&S, shared insights into the alignment of values between the two companies.

“As I’ve gotten to know Pye-Barker’s leaders through our work in the industry, I’ve seen our shared values in practice,” he remarked, expressing confidence in the partnership as the best path forward for the team, customers, and owners.

The S&S leadership team, comprising Leland Moore, Sr., Leland Moore, Jr., Parks Moore, Mike Pepper, and Justin Merrick, will remain with the company along with their staff​​.

FSJA Comment

The acquisition of S&S Sprinkler by Pye-Barker Fire & Safety represents a significant development in the fire safety and security industry.

It not only solidifies Pye-Barker’s presence in the Southeastern U.S.

but also demonstrates the growing trend of strategic consolidations within the industry.

This partnership, driven by shared values and a mutual understanding of the business landscape, suggests a strengthening of both companies’ market positions.

The combined expertise and resources of Pye-Barker and S&S Sprinkler could lead to enhanced service offerings, innovation in fire safety and security solutions, and a more robust competitive edge in the market.

Furthermore, the focus on employee welfare and talent retention in this acquisition highlights a commendable approach to corporate growth, where human capital is valued as much as business expansion.

This acquisition is a clear indicator of the dynamic nature of the fire safety and security sector and the evolving strategies companies are adopting to navigate and lead in an increasingly competitive environment.

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