Pye-Barker expands in Washington with AlarmTech acquisition

June 27, 2024

Pye-Barker expands fire and security services in Seattle

Pye-Barker Fire & Safety has acquired AlarmTech Inc., which specializes in security systems, fire alarm systems, access control, and CCTV in the Seattle, Washington area.

This acquisition aims to strengthen Pye-Barker’s integrated life safety services in Washington State.

AlarmTech Inc., based in Mountlake Terrace, north of Seattle, offers comprehensive fire alarm and security services, including design, installation, maintenance, inspections, and 24-hour emergency monitoring.

Integrating AlarmTech’s team, skilled in low-voltage systems, will enhance Pye-Barker’s presence in the region.

Enhancements for AlarmTech and its clients

AlarmTech’s team will continue to serve customers in Washington with the support of Pye-Barker’s resources.

Richard McCurdy, President of AlarmTech, expressed confidence in the partnership: “At AlarmTech, we take great pride in providing a vital service that protects our neighbors and community.

“Joining Pye-Barker – which has grown to be the premier acquirer in our industry while maintaining a small business feel in each community it serves – just makes sense.

“We’re able to offer enhanced safety services to care for our existing and new customers.”

Bart Proctor, CEO of Pye-Barker, highlighted the benefits: “Pye-Barker hit No. 8 on this year’s SDM’s Top 100 by investing in teams like that at AlarmTech, those who know their customer base and are trusted and well-respected.

“By joining with Pye-Barker, AlarmTech can provide customers with full fire-code compliance through our existing fire protection services in the Seattle metro, which will benefit AlarmTech’s company growth, employee opportunities, and customer satisfaction.”

Pye-Barker’s acquisition strategy

Pye-Barker’s acquisition strategy involves partnering with leading life safety companies across the country.

Each acquisition brings in team members who are experts in their field and familiar with their local communities.

These team members gain career growth opportunities and the chance to leverage Pye-Barker’s resources to build their legacy.

AlarmTech’s team will be instrumental in maintaining the personalized service their customers expect.

Community impact

The acquisition of AlarmTech by Pye-Barker will enhance safety services for existing and new customers in the Seattle area.

AlarmTech’s team, backed by Pye-Barker, will continue to deliver high-quality service while expanding their offerings.

This partnership aims to strengthen the local community’s safety infrastructure by integrating advanced fire protection and security solutions.

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