Pueblo invests in enhanced fire safety with new fire stations

November 17, 2023

Pueblo, Colorado, is set to bolster its fire safety infrastructure with the construction of three new fire stations.

This significant development aims to enhance response times and improve firefighter safety in the city.

Expansion of fire safety services

The new facilities will replace existing stations and add to the city’s capacity. Station 6, serving the city’s eastside, and Station 8, covering the Belmont neighborhood east of Interstate 25, are slated for replacement.

The addition of a third station on Pueblo’s westside off of 24th Street will bring the total number of stations in the city to eleven.

Modernizing for efficiency and safety in Pueblo

Timothy Trujillo, a spokesperson for the Pueblo Fire Department, highlighted the urgent need for these upgrades.

“Some of our stations, they’re older,” he said, stressing the lack of modern precautions against carcinogens and contaminants in the existing facilities.

The new stations will address these concerns, ensuring a safer environment for both the firefighters and the equipment.

Trujillo also emphasized the role of the additional firehouse in enhancing the city’s emergency response capabilities.

“We’re pushing the edges of our community,” he explained, indicating that the new station will enable quicker responses to emergencies, especially on the city’s outskirts.

Financial commitment and project timeline

The city council has authorized a budget of $37 million for this project, a significant investment in public safety.

Construction of the new fire stations is expected to be completed by late spring 2025.

FSJA Comment

The announcement of Pueblo’s initiative to build three new fire stations is a notable development in the realm of public safety and emergency response.

This project represents a proactive approach to addressing the evolving needs of a growing city.

By replacing older stations and adding a new one, Pueblo is expanding its capacity to respond to emergencies and prioritizing the health and safety of its firefighters.

The investment of $37 million underscores the city’s commitment to ensuring that its fire safety infrastructure keeps pace with modern standards and community growth.

This development is a vital step in enhancing the overall resilience of the city against fire-related emergencies, and it sets a positive example for other cities prioritizing public safety and emergency preparedness.

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