Proctorville firefighters respond to windstorm damage at local fire station

April 15, 2024

Firefighters share experiences from April 2 windstorm at Proctorville Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Proctorville firefighters gathered at their local Volunteer Fire and Rescue building, which was recently impacted by a severe windstorm on April 2.

The event was marked by community support, with meals donated by local residents.

Firefighters at the gathering discussed their whereabouts and actions during the storm, which caused substantial damage to the fire station.

The damage was visibly noted by a sign stating, “We are still standing.” Inside the building, structural damage included displaced white Styrofoam insulation and compromised roof supports that affected several fire trucks.

Despite the damage, critical firefighting equipment remained intact.

Extent of damage and emergency response detailed

Firefighter Tyler Hamlin described the immediate impact of the storm, noting the loss of electrical power and antenna functionality, which hampered communication efforts.

However, no injuries were reported among the crew.

The clean-up effort had progressed by Friday, with most debris removed and damaged areas of the station exposed.

Four fire trucks were affected by the collapse, including a historic 1926 fire truck recently restored for use in parades.

Nevertheless, the station’s primary fire engines were not damaged and remained operational.

Proctorville fire department’s actions during and after the storm

The narrative of the storm’s immediate aftermath highlighted the firefighters’ efforts to manage the situation and assist the community.

Captain Brian Taylor provided a detailed account of the storm’s severity and his personal experience securing his property during the event.

Following the storm, the fire department contacted nearby volunteer fire departments for assistance and engaged in community checks to ensure no residents were trapped or severely affected.

The station continued to operate on generator power as of Friday, maintaining its readiness to respond to further community needs.

FSJA Comment

In response to the severe windstorm on April 2, the Proctorville Volunteer Fire and Rescue team exemplified resilience and quick action.

The firefighters not only addressed immediate safety concerns within their station but also extended their efforts to the broader community, ensuring that residents were safe and informed.

This incident highlights the critical role of local emergency services in disaster response and the importance of community support and preparedness in facing natural disasters.

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