Prince George’s County Fire and EMS Department enhances safety with new fire apparatus

January 23, 2024

Prince George’s County upgrades fire fleet

Prince George’s County Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department has announced the acquisition of new fire apparatus, aimed at improving community safety.

The department has added five custom Pierce fire apparatus, including four Enforcer™ pumpers and an Ascendant® 107’ Heavy-Duty Tiller Aerial Ladder.

Partnership and advanced capabilities

Richard Riley, Fire Apparatus Manager with Prince George’s County Fire and EMS Department, emphasized the value of their long-standing relationship with Pierce and Atlantic Emergency Solutions.

“We don’t just purchase fire trucks; we entrust in the partnership and the employees at Pierce,” said Riley.

He also expressed anticipation for the new PACCAR engines, noting their expected reliability and performance.

The new fire apparatus will enhance operations across the county’s 45 Fire/EMS stations, covering nearly 500 square miles.

Designed to navigate diverse landscapes and tight roadways, these vehicles are tailored to the unique challenges of densely populated regions.

Focus on modern equipment and safety

Tiffany Green, Prince George’s County Fire Chief, highlighted the department’s commitment to modern equipment as a proactive measure for community safety.

“Investing in our apparatus fleet is a proactive investment towards our community’s safety,” said Green.

The advanced features of the Enforcer™ Pumpers and Ascendant 107’ Heavy-Duty Tiller Aerial Ladder include high-performance engines, advanced safety systems, and customized compartments for equipment accessibility.

Deployment and community support

The new Ascendant tiller will be stationed in the National Harbor region, a tourist area with condensed living units and narrow streets.

One of the Enforcer pumpers will be stationed at the new Fire/EMS Station 803, currently under construction.

The additional pumpers will replace aging, high-mileage units in the department.

Riley expressed gratitude for the support from County Executive Angela Alsobrooks and Fire Chief Tiffany Green, which has been crucial for the fire apparatus replacement plan.

For more information about Pierce’s products, including specifications and images, visit Pierce Manufacturing.

FSJA Comment

The acquisition of new fire apparatus by Prince George’s County Fire and EMS Department marks a significant advancement in their operational capabilities.

This move demonstrates the department’s dedication to enhancing community safety through modern and efficient equipment.

The custom features of the new vehicles, specifically designed to address the challenges of the county’s diverse landscape and densely populated areas, reflect a thoughtful approach to emergency services.

The ongoing partnership with Pierce and Atlantic Emergency Solutions underscores a commitment to quality and reliability in critical emergency equipment.

This upgrade is a testament to the department’s proactive stance in ensuring the highest level of fire protection and emergency response for the residents of Prince George’s County.

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