Prepare for the 2023 Firewise USA Renewal Application

October 3, 2023
Wildfire haze

Each year, communities participating in the Firewise USA program must demonstrate their dedication to wildfire education and risk mitigation.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) emphasizes that this annual commitment not only elevates the safety status of homes and landscapes but also significantly enhances their chances of surviving a wildfire.

To maintain their recognized status, communities need to relay their achievements through the annual renewal application available on the Firewise USA portal.

For communities recognized prior to 2023, it’s essential to remember that renewal applications for the following year must be submitted by November 17, 2023.

New communities recognized in 2023 are exempt from this year’s renewal.

NFPA advice for a seamless renewal

  1. Accessing the portal: The online renewal application necessitates logging in to your community profile at portal.firewise.org. Password recovery is available if needed, but do monitor your spam folder for responses. For any persistent issues, reach out to firewise@nfpa.org.
  2. Completing the application:
  • Contact details: Ensure the right address is listed, especially if leadership within the community changes.
  • Community overview: Key updates such as adding resident leaders or adjusting the community size can be made. Risk reduction reporting relies on accurate dwelling counts and boundary maps.
  • Risk documents: Current risk assessments and action plans can be imported. New templates and tutorials for updates are accessible.
  • Achievements: Report educational initiatives, vegetation removal tactics, and risk reduction investments. The Firewise USA program requires a yearly equivalent of one volunteer hour per home for risk mitigation. For example, 100 homes mandate 100 hours of cumulative effort.
  1. Submission and review: Once completed, review all sections. Green signifies meeting the requirements, whereas red highlights any deficits. After successful submission, NFPA staff and state liaisons evaluate the applications. Approved communities receive an updated Certificate of Recognition.

For any challenges encountered during this process or additional queries, the NFPA encourages communities to contact them at firewise@nfpa.org.

Firewise in action: Reflecting on the dedication

The NFPA expressed gratitude to all participating communities for their unwavering commitment to wildfire safety.

The association eagerly anticipates the accomplishments of 2023 and intends to broadcast these success stories as an encouragement for others.

FSJA Comment

The annual renewal application process, while thorough, signifies the continuous effort and progress made throughout the year.

It not only showcases a community’s achievements but also paves the way for future mitigation strategies.

The collaboration between communities and the NFPA epitomizes the essence of collective action, setting a commendable example for regions worldwide.

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