Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire chooses MSA Safety’s advanced breathing equipment

October 3, 2023
MSA Pittsburgh collaboration

MSA Safety receives major contract from Pittsburgh’s Fire Bureau G1 SCBA

Pittsburgh’s Bureau of Fire (PBF) has decided to equip its firefighters with respiratory protective equipment from global safety equipment manufacturer MSA Safety, Inc.

The announcement comes as part of a $3.1 million contract award.

The choice was settled upon following a comprehensive evaluation by both the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire and the Pittsburgh Fire Fighters Local No. 1.

Nish Vartanian, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at MSA Safety, commented on the decision: “We have a long-standing relationship with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire.

“As a local company with century-old roots in western Pennsylvania, we’re honored that the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire continues to entrust MSA with the responsibility of protecting those who safeguard the residents of Pittsburgh.”

MSA Safety’s G1 SCBA

The G1 SCBA technology is crafted at the MSA Safety global headquarters in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.

Moreover, the G1 units see their assembly at the company’s facility in Murrysville.

This state-of-the-art device boasts over 15 patents and stands as the cornerstone of the MSA Connected Firefighter platform.

This collection of advanced safety technologies aims to enhance firefighter monitoring, communication, and accountability.

With its integrated Bluetooth capabilities, the G1 SCBA conveys crucial data like cylinder air pressure, battery life, and various alarms to incident commanders through MSA’s FireGrid System.

This innovative system offers commanders a holistic view, helping them manage multiple situations in real-time from any locale.

The G1’s unique ergonomic blueprint, complemented by an adjustable belt and broad shoulder straps, ensures that the equipment’s weight rests comfortably on a firefighter’s hips.

This design proves particularly advantageous during prolonged use.

Plus, the device’s “Central Power” feature streamlines power needs to a single rechargeable battery compartment.

‘Crucial firefighter protection’

Discussing the device, Vartanian shared: “The G1 embodies the pinnacle of available technology in crucial firefighter protection.

“Our aim with the G1 breathing apparatus was to set new standards in introducing technologies that prioritize firefighter safety.

“This mirrors our aspiration to pioneer comprehensive protection solutions for the fire service.”

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire anticipates the delivery of the G1 SCBAs by year-end.

It’s noteworthy that this bureau is tasked with safeguarding the lives and properties of over 300,000 residents across Pittsburgh and its neighboring boroughs, Wilkinsburg and Ingram.

FSJA Comment

For our community, this news signifies a step forward in ensuring our firefighters are equipped with the very best.

The decision by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire reflects a commitment to prioritizing the safety and efficiency of our first responders.

By adopting MSA Safety’s G1 SCBA technology, firefighters will not only benefit from enhanced protective gear but also from a system that bolsters communication, monitoring, and comfort.

It’s a commendable move that sets a precedent for other departments nationwide.

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