Pitrufquén firefighters meet with local mayor to discuss mutual support and collaboration

January 11, 2024

In a recent meeting between the newly elected superintendent of the Pitrufquén Fire Department, Olga Navarrete, and the Mayor of the commune, Jacqueline Romero, both parties committed to mutual support and collaboration.

This meeting, held on December 5, was a formal occasion to introduce the new fire department officials to the local government.

Introduction of new fire department officials

During the meeting, Superintendent Navarrete presented the composition of the Honorable General Directorate and the administrative and operational command of the companies.

The event also saw the presence of the Vice Superintendent, Jaime Obreque, and the General Secretary, Camila Zúñiga.

The introduction of these key figures marks a significant step in the fire department’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its capabilities and effectiveness.

Commitment to mutual support and collaboration

Both Superintendent Navarrete and Mayor Romero emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts between the fire department and local government.

They acknowledged the crucial role that such cooperation plays in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

Superintendent Navarrete expressed her views on the significance of this partnership: “Our collaboration with the local government is essential in ensuring we can effectively respond to the needs of our community.”

Importance of fire department in community safety

The Pitrufquén Fire Department plays a vital role in the community, not just in responding to fires but also in various emergency situations.

The meeting highlighted the department’s commitment to maintaining high standards of training and preparedness.

Mayor Romero underscored this point, stating: “The fire department is a fundamental part of our community’s emergency response system, and we are committed to supporting them in their vital work.”

FSJA Comment

The meeting between the Pitrufquén Fire Department and the local government reflects a proactive approach to community safety and emergency preparedness.

The introduction of the new fire department officials demonstrates a commitment to strong leadership and effective management.

This partnership between the fire department and the local government is crucial in ensuring a coordinated response to emergencies, thereby enhancing the overall safety and resilience of the community.

Such collaborations are vital in fostering a sense of security among residents and ensuring that emergency services are well-equipped and ready to respond to any situation.

Note: This article has been translated from Spanish, and there may be minor discrepancies in the translation.

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