Pierce dealer secures renewed 10-year contract with Calgary Fire Department

December 15, 2023

A new chapter in fire safety collaboration

Pierce Manufacturing Inc., a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation, recently announced that its Canada-based dealer, Commercial Emergency Equipment Co., has secured a second 10-year contract with the Calgary Fire Department (CFD).

This contract focuses on providing custom tenders on an as-needed basis.

The collaboration builds on a previously established contract in 2022, which involved supplying aerial platforms and ladders.

The new agreement emphasizes apparatus standardization.

The initial orders, along with future tenders, will feature state-of-the-art tandem-axle Enforcer™ chassis tenders.

These are equipped with advanced specifications, including a two-door cab with a fully sealed enclosed transverse cab compartment, a dry-side tanker body, dual hydraulic tank racks with 4000-gallon portable tanks, a Cummins X12 500 hp engine, a Waterous CSPA 750-gallon PTO-driven midship pump, a 3450-gallon water tank, TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension, and a cold-climate package.

Nigel Thorley, the Leader of Fleet and Equipment at the Calgary Fire Department, expressed satisfaction with the previous collaboration, highlighting the synergy established with Pierce and Commercial Emergency Equipment.

He emphasized their commitment to quality and the proximity of service resources as being instrumental in the partnership.

Advanced specifications for enhanced firefighting

The CFD’s focus on apparatus standardization led to the selection of Enforcer cabs for their tenders, aligning with their Pierce aerials.

This choice aims to reduce training and apparatus familiarization time.

The similarity in drivetrains, suspension, switch locations, cab layout, compartment locations, and maintenance items between the aerials and new tenders enhances operational efficiency.

The unique transverse cab compartments in CFD’s tender specification are designed to expand equipment space significantly, accommodating wildland and other fireground equipment.

Significance of the partnership for Calgary’s safety

Mike Feduniw, Sales Manager at Commercial Emergency Equipment Co., spoke about the innovation and support capabilities that underpin the relationship.

He highlighted the trust placed in Pierce and Commercial by one of the country’s largest municipalities.

Their ability to meet CFD’s specific needs, coupled with access to a knowledgeable service support team, service centers, and mobile support units, ensures the provision of critical resources.

This commitment has been pivotal in securing these long-term contracts.

The Calgary Fire Department, with its four platoons of firefighters, 1,326 front-line responders across 43 fire stations, manages over 70,000 service calls annually.

In a city with an expansive coverage area and diverse community, robust partnerships like this are essential in enhancing emergency response capabilities, especially as Calgary’s population and infrastructure continue to grow​​.

FSJA Comment

The renewed partnership between Pierce Manufacturing Inc. and the Calgary Fire Department through Commercial Emergency Equipment Co. represents a significant advancement in firefighting capabilities and readiness.

This contract, focusing on custom tenders, aligns with the growing need for specialized emergency response equipment in large urban areas.

The standardization of fire apparatus, as seen in this agreement, is a strategic move that improves operational efficiency and ensures consistency in performance and reliability across the fleet.

This collaboration highlights the importance of such partnerships in enhancing public safety infrastructure, especially in rapidly expanding urban settings like Calgary.

As the city continues to grow, the role of efficient and well-equipped fire departments becomes increasingly critical in safeguarding communities.

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