Perimeter Solutions introduces first SFFF fluorine-free firefighting foam concentrate on the DoD Qualified Products List

October 3, 2023

Perimeter Solutions, a prominent global manufacturer of firefighting foams, revealed that its 3% MIL-SPEC Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam (SFFF) has earned the distinction of being the first fluorine-free firefighting foam concentrate to secure a spot on the Department of Defense Qualified Products List (QPL).

SFFF makes its mark on the QPL

With this introduction to the QPL, federal guidelines now instruct airport authorities and relevant government agencies to shift from aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) to fluorine-free alternatives.

The 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF from Perimeter Solutions stands as the sole fluorine-free foam currently listed on the QPL and available for purchase.

History of MIL-SPEC foam

Since 1969, the firefighting foam industry has adhered to the MIL-F-24385 specification, which mandated the use of AFFF.

But with a focus on sustainable alternatives, MIL-PRF-32725 (I1), a fresh specification for land-based, fresh-water applications of fluorine-free foams, was introduced in January 2023.

This concentrate, produced in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is tailored for swiftly tackling and putting out gasoline and Jet A fuel spill fires.

Meeting all key performance metrics, it is also biodegradable and adaptable with various equipment systems.

Craig McDonnell, Vice President and General Manager at Perimeter Solutions, commented: “Having been pioneers in fluorine-free foam technology since the early 2000s, we’re honored that our fourth-generation product is the first to be recognized on the QPL.”

He emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier solutions with minimal environmental footprint and pointed out that their internal tests confirm the foam’s efficacy even in salt water.

Furthermore, the company’s historic partnership with the military was noted, having previously supplied the Air Force with significant quantities of foam.

However, Mark Siem, a chemist at Perimeter Solutions, noted that while some manufacturers have chosen to bypass the new MIL-SPEC qualification, Perimeter Solutions remains dedicated to offering top-quality fluorine-free foam solutions to the military and commercial sectors that depend on MIL-SPEC foam.

For a deeper insight into Perimeter Solutions and its 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF, click here.

FSJA Comment

For the fire and safety community, this development heralds a new era. By providing a fluorine-free foam alternative that meets rigorous federal standards, the potential environmental impact is significantly reduced.

This shift not only reflects technological advancement but also emphasizes the importance of creating solutions that protect both people and the planet.

As industry regulations change and demand for sustainable options grows, it’s commendable that companies like Perimeter Solutions are at the forefront, ready to offer compliant and eco-friendly solutions.

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