Perimeter Solutions’ firefighting foam earns Greenscreen certification

February 21, 2024

Perimeter Solutions introduces first GreenScreen Certified firefighting foam

Perimeter Solutions, a leading manufacturer of fire retardant and firefighting foam, announced that its SOLBERG® 3% MIL-SPEC Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first fluorine-free firefighting foam concentrate to be listed on the Department of Defense Qualified Products List (QPL) and to receive GreenScreen Certified® status from Clean Production Action (CPA).

This certification indicates that the product meets the stringent requirements set by CPA, confirming it is free from fluorine and does not contain intentionally added per- or polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs).

The importance of GreenScreen certification

GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals is a respected chemical hazard assessment method recognized globally for guiding the shift towards the use of safer chemicals.

The GreenScreen Certified Standard for Firefighting Foam mandates manufacturers to disclose a complete list of chemical ingredients in the foam concentrate.

It then assesses the foam for acute aquatic toxicity through comprehensive analytical testing, ensuring the absence of PFAS and more than 2,000 other chemicals.

Transition to fluorine-free solutions

The inclusion of SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF on the DoD QPL in September 2023 marked a pivotal point for airport authorities and other government agencies mandated to use MIL-SPEC-qualified products.

This development facilitated the transition from traditional aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) to fluorine-free alternatives.

Since then, Perimeter Solutions has been instrumental in assisting numerous airports and U.S.

military bases in adopting fluorine-free foam technologies.

Craig McDonnell, VP Fire Suppression Americas & Prevention & Protection Retardant at Perimeter Solutions, highlighted the significance of this achievement: “After the MIL-SPEC product was listed on the QPL, we engaged with representatives from various airports who were keen to transition to fluorine-free foam technology, yet awaited a product with GreenScreen Certification.

“With this certification now in place, we are ready to support these airports in shifting to more environmentally responsible firefighting technologies.”

FSJA Comment

The certification of Perimeter Solutions‘ SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam by GreenScreen marks an essential step in the evolution of firefighting technologies towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

This development not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and safety but also aligns with global efforts to reduce the environmental impact of firefighting foams.

The transition to fluorine-free products is critical in minimizing the potential health risks associated with PFAs, offering a safer alternative for firefighters and the communities they protect.

As more airports and military bases adopt these advanced solutions, it sets a precedent for other sectors to follow, potentially leading to a wider acceptance and use of fluorine-free firefighting foams.

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