Performance Advantage Company releases first quarter updates for 2024

April 17, 2024

Performance Advantage Company announces updates and expansions in 2024 first quarter newsletter

Performance Advantage Company (PAC), has published its first quarter newsletter for 2024, detailing a variety of updates and expansions.

The newsletter highlights PAC’s gratitude towards its global customer base and outlines several significant developments including new business strategies, product updates, and a company-wide price adjustment.

Greg Young, PAC’s Senior Vice President, expressed excitement about the company’s trajectory: “We are excited to show you how PAC is growing on all levels.”

Key developments and strategic expansions

In the newsletter, PAC detailed its continuous growth across various industries including landscaping, utility, and towing, while maintaining a strong presence in over 30 countries.

The company also emphasized its commitment to delivering speed to market, reduced overhead, and proven quality through OEM specific solutions.

“Our OEM specific solutions deliver speed to market, reduced overhead, and proven quality allowing specialty manufacturers to focus on what they do best,” said Greg Young.

Heritage and operational excellence

The newsletter also paid homage to PAC’s roots, with a special mention of company founder Dick Young’s foresight in inventory management, which remains a cornerstone of PAC’s operations.

“PAC continues to manage its inventory in this way,” Greg Young noted, highlighting the company’s adherence to its foundational values.

Furthermore, the newsletter announced a modest price increase, with new price sheets already distributed to clients.

Employee spotlight and community involvement

The newsletter featured Jerry Enser, a veteran employee of over 21 years, currently the Shop Supervisor at PAC.

Enser, who oversees manufacturing, packaging, shipping, receiving, and inventory control, expressed his fondness for the company culture: “Everyone here is like family.” Additionally, Enser’s role as President of the Greater Lancaster Fire Museum was spotlighted, underscoring his commitment to preserving fire service history and community engagement.

Upcoming events and product highlights

Looking ahead, PAC outlined its extensive 2024 trade show schedule, starting with the FDIC event in Indianapolis.

New products were also announced, including the versatile new PAC Mat and enhancements to the Adjustamount Fastlok Brackets.

The newsletter serves as an invitation to existing and potential clients to explore PAC’s expanded offerings and engage with the team at upcoming industry events.

FSJA comment

The latest updates from Performance Advantage Company reflect a dynamic approach to business operations, adapting to market demands while staying true to the foundational principles laid by its founders.

The company’s expansion into various markets and introduction of new products demonstrate its proactive stance in a competitive industry.

The employee spotlight on Jerry Enser also highlights PAC’s commitment to community and heritage, reinforcing its role not just as a business entity but as a community pillar.

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