Pennsylvania American Water announces $28.3 million investment for water storage and fire protection upgrades

May 14, 2024

Major investment to enhance water storage and fire protection

As reported by Pennsylvania American Water, the company has announced a $28.3 million investment to upgrade its water storage infrastructure, enhancing both water quality and fire protection capabilities.

This initiative, which coincides with Infrastructure Week observed from May 13-17, 2024, involves rehabilitating 10 existing water storage tanks and constructing four new ones.

These upgrades focus on maintaining water quality and ensuring adequate pressure for fire protection.

Bruce Aiton, vice president of engineering at Pennsylvania American Water, stated: “Storage tanks are a critical part of our distribution system infrastructure.

Tanks provide system capacity to residential and commercial customers, along with adequate pressure and fire protection.

Maintaining and rehabilitating tanks extends their service life and is more cost-efficient than replacing them.”

Water storage upgrades to support fire protection and quality

The company’s plan includes inspecting, sandblasting, and repainting existing tanks to extend their service lives and maintain water quality.

These efforts are crucial for ensuring the tanks can support fire protection needs.

The following municipalities will benefit from these upgrades:

  • Union, Washington County: $1,450,000 for a 500,000-gallon tank and $1,550,000 for a 5,000,000-gallon tank.
  • North Franklin, Washington County: $475,000 for a 550,000-gallon tank.
  • Hanover, Washington County: $375,000 for a 300,000-gallon tank.
  • West Pittsburg, Lawrence County: $415,000 for a 410,000-gallon tank.
  • Neshannock, Lawrence County: $675,000 for a 1,100,000-gallon tank.
  • White, Indiana County: $1,600,000 for a 200,000-gallon tank and $850,000 for a 2,000,000-gallon tank.
  • McEwensville, Northumberland County: $360,000 for a 100,000-gallon tank.
  • Lower Providence, Montgomery County: $1,450,000 for a 1,000,000-gallon tank.

The rehabilitation process involves stripping the original paint and applying a new protective coating to prevent rust and maintain water quality.

During construction, water service will remain unaffected for customers.

Construction of new storage tanks

To further bolster both water storage capacity and fire protection, Pennsylvania American Water is constructing four new ground storage tanks.

These tanks will ensure reliable water service and meet the demand for fire protection in the following municipalities:

  • Jackson, Butler County: $4,900,000 for a 750,000-gallon tank.
  • Young, Jefferson County: $5,550,000 for a 500,000-gallon tank.
  • Roaring Brook, Lackawanna County: $6,900,000 for a 3,500,000-gallon tank.
  • Laurel Run, Luzerne County: $1,050,000 for a 200,000-gallon tank.

These new tanks will play a vital role in maintaining water supply for firefighting efforts and ensuring the safety of the communities served.

Company background

American Water, the parent company of Pennsylvania American Water, is the largest regulated water and wastewater utility in the United States.

Established in 1886, the company provides services to over 14 million people across 14 states and on 18 military installations.

For more details, visit their official website and follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and Instagram.

FSJA comment

The $28.3 million investment by Pennsylvania American Water highlights the dual focus on maintaining water quality and enhancing fire protection capabilities.

Reliable water supply and adequate pressure are essential for both daily use and effective firefighting efforts.

By rehabilitating existing tanks and constructing new ones, the company ensures that communities have the necessary resources for overall water safety and fire readiness.

This investment underscores the importance of robust water infrastructure in supporting both routine needs and emergency situations.

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