Paraguay establishes fire coordination task force to combat wildfires

March 19, 2024

Government and military collaborate with volunteer firefighters in Paraguay

The Government of Paraguay has established the Fire Table, a coordinated effort involving several ministries, the armed forces, and volunteer firefighters.

The initiative aims to streamline tasks and support for personnel on the front lines of firefighting efforts across the nation.

The primary focus of this collaborative effort includes the provision of essential resources such as fuel and vehicles for water transport.

This strategic move comes in response to the rising conditions that favor the outbreak of forest fires, potentially escalating into major incidents.

The task force’s creation is a proactive step towards preventing such devastating events.

Coordinated response to combat forest fires

Arsenio Zárate, the Minister of the National Emergency Secretariat (SEN), highlighted the critical nature of the current situation.

He reported* that there are conditions that favor the appearance of forest fires, which can become episodes of great magnitude.

Zárate emphasized the task force’s role in mitigating these risks through inter-institutional collaboration.

Eduardo Méndez, the commander of the Fire Department, also expressed optimism about the formation of the inter-institutional table.

Recent wildfire incidents and emergency responses

The urgency of establishing the Fire Table was underscored by recent large fires in Santaní, San Pedro department, and Benjamín Aceval, Presidente Hayes department.

These incidents necessitated a concerted response from the fire brigades and forestry brigades of the SEN, supported by other state institutions.

The Armed Forces have played a crucial role in the logistical support for firefighting efforts, providing helicopters for surveillance and tanker trucks for water transport.

Additionally, the National Electricity Administration (ANDE) faced challenges due to fires that impacted the 500kV distribution line, causing outages.

The fires affected infrastructure in the Cordillera and Emboscada areas, demonstrating the wide-ranging impact of such disasters.

FSJA Comment

The establishment of the Fire Table by the Government of Paraguay represents a comprehensive approach to wildfire management and prevention.

By fostering collaboration among various governmental bodies, the armed forces, and volunteer firefighters, Paraguay aims to enhance its responsiveness and resource allocation in the face of escalating fire threats.

The recent wildfires in Santaní and Benjamín Aceval illustrate the critical need for such coordinated efforts, emphasizing the importance of unity and strategic planning in safeguarding communities and natural resources from the ravages of fire.

*Note: This article was put together using information translated using automated software and may include errors.

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