PAC explores robust tool mounting solutions

October 17, 2023

Tool mounting takes center stage in fire and safety

Performance Advantage Company (PAC), originally rooted in the fire industry, has expanded its product line and markets in its 30-year journey.

Today, they cater to various sectors such as law enforcement, military, and utility, ensuring that tools are well-organized and secured on mobile platforms.

Expanding global presence

Being a manufacturer in the United States, PAC serves its customers via an extensive and continually growing network.

This includes truck manufacturers, equipment distributors, and original equipment manufacturers.

PAC’s products have found their place in over 30 countries, indicating a rising global demand for their sturdy tool mounting systems.

Core values and the changing market landscape

Central to PAC’s operations is their dedication to enabling the fire industry to operate efficiently and reliably, Greg Young, Senior Administrative Vice President told International Fire and Safety Journal (IFSJ) earlier this year.

The company believes that their brackets play a pivotal role in this by securely organizing tools.

With the current market conditions leading to tightened budgets and a greater emphasis on long-term equipment utility, PAC’s solutions offer a way to keep equipment in top condition.

Choosing the right tool mount

When selecting a tool mount, several factors come into play:

  • Improved response time.
  • Enhanced accountability of tools.
  • Minimizing misplaced or lost tools.
  • Considering the high replacement costs of tools.
  • Prioritizing the safety of the vehicle’s occupants.

In emergency scenarios where vehicles might be at risk, it’s crucial that tools are locked securely in place.

The weight capacity of the mounting system is also a significant consideration due to the range of tools in use.

Applications beyond the fire industry

Tool mounting systems aren’t confined to fire trucks.

They can be found in diverse settings such as garbage trucks, police vehicles, and boats.

The mounting needs might vary, with some tools requiring horizontal placements or specific angles for ergonomic access.

Innovative solutions on the horizon

PAC has introduced new products, like the rectangular pocket part number 1081, which have been well-received by the market.

This product has opened up opportunities for securing rescue equipment previously unaddressed by the company.

Their unique selling proposition lies in the standardization of tool mounts, saving manufacturers time and effort in custom fabrications.

Versatility in approach

PAC’s innovation isn’t solely in-house.

They actively collaborate with their extensive network of over 550 dealers globally, including 25 outside the United States.

Feedback from salespeople, engineers, and service technicians offers invaluable insights into evolving market needs.

Complex challenges and collaborations:

One notable collaboration involves a manufacturer of specialized law enforcement tools.

The challenge was mounting tools with varying diameters, a task outside the manufacturer’s expertise.

Recognizing PAC’s prowess in the domain, they sought their assistance.

Looking ahead with PAC

Greg Young, now the Senior Administrative Vice President, emphasizes PAC’s commitment to growth and continuous improvement. According to the IFSJ article, he envisions greater involvement in different business aspects, from enhancing financial management to team-building.

There’s also an anticipation for the marine market with the imminent launch of a PAC catalog.

Additionally, the rise of electric vehicles has prompted a reevaluation of tool mounts for the associated fire suppression systems.

FSJA Comment

PAC’s robust approach to tool mounting solutions serves as an essential element in the fire and safety landscape.

Their continuous innovation, combined with a pulse on global trends, ensures that they’re at the forefront of providing reliable solutions.

Their adaptability, even in the face of challenges like global emergencies, ensures they remain a key player in the life-saving market of fire and emergency response.

This story is based on an article from the International Fire & Safety Journal.

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