PAC collaborates with industry leaders for FAMA/FEMSA Home Days

October 6, 2023

Earlier this year, Performance Advantage Company partnered with SoundOff Signal, Amdor, and Ward Fire Apparatus to facilitate FAMA/FEMSA Home Days.

This collaboration aimed to bring together the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA) and the Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association (FEMSA) for a united purpose.

PAC strengthens ties with community and lawmakers

Home Days serves as a platform for first responders, their supporters, and community leaders, including politicians, to discuss openly the difficulties faced by first responders in their line of duty.

The initiative underscores the commitment of these organizations to foster awareness and act as a reliable information source for both local and national legislative entities.

Distinguished guests highlight the significance of the event

In attendance speaking were:

  • Congressman Nick Langworthy
  • NY State Assemblywoman Monica Wallace
  • Village of Lancaster Mayor Lynne Ruda
  • NY State Senator Patrick Gallivan
  • Quinn Bushen, Buffalo Regional Representative, Executive Chamber – Governor’s office
  • Chris McLoone, Editor of Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment.

The event also saw participation from various local fire departments, representatives from other municipalities, law enforcement, and local political offices.

FAMA, a non-profit trade association, has a mission to uplift the standards of the fire apparatus industry and serve the emergency service community by ensuring the manufacture and sale of efficient, safe fire apparatus and equipment.

Similarly, FEMSA members strive to equip firefighters with top-notch, safe, and functional gear.

The event’s sponsorship was provided by Clarion Events, Inc.

FSJA Comment

Performance Advantage Company‘s initiative in hosting the FAMA/FEMSA Home Days, in collaboration with industry leaders, emphasizes the importance of open communication between first responders and policymakers.

As the challenges faced by first responders continue to evolve, fostering such platforms for dialogue becomes crucial.

The presence of esteemed guests and representatives from various sectors further indicates the significance and impact of this event on the broader fire and safety community.

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