PAC announces promotions and reveals upcoming products for 2023

May 31, 2023

PAC, a leading company in the emergency services industry, announced the promotion of two of its key employees.

The company also teased its participation in upcoming shows and the introduction of new products.

Promotions within PAC: Greg Young and Tom Trzepacz rise to new positions

As of February 1, 2023, Greg Young, having been with the company for nearly 11 years and previously serving as PAC’s Vice President of Sales and Operations, has assumed the title of “Senior Administrative Vice President.”

In this role, Young is responsible for: “administering to the very important area of product development, as well as overseeing development in information technology, internal systems management, and oversight regarding intellectual properties.”

Tom Trzepacz, a part of the Customer Support Team since 2007 and boasting over 25 years of firefighting experience, has been promoted to the “Vice President of Sales and Customer Relations.”

He will be the “go to” person in administering to PAC’s very high standards in customer service and support and is also responsible for “the further development of programs and business relations in all industries served by PAC.”

PAC expressed their confidence in both individuals, stating: “Both gentlemen have worked hard in achieving these positions, and we here at PAC are confident and proud, that with their leadership, PAC will continue to raise the bar in servicing our customer with high quality products, while maintaining competitive pricing, and the very best in customer service.”

Exciting products and updates from PAC for the show season

PAC also revealed that show season is here, and they are keen to unveil their current line-up of brackets and some new products.

For those interested in keeping up with PAC’s moves, the company suggests following them on social media, making a phone call, or checking out their website.

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