Oregon State Fire Marshal gears up for wildfire season with new initiatives

May 16, 2024

Briefing on wildfire season preparations

As reported by the Oregon State Fire Marshal, on May 15, 2024, Fire Marshal Mariana Ruiz-Temple and partner agencies briefed the governor’s staff on the upcoming wildfire season.

They discussed the agency’s recent efforts to enhance wildfire preparedness across the state.

Since last fall, the Oregon State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has been investing in projects and creating new programs to mitigate wildfire risks in Oregon communities.

These initiatives, known as Fire Adapted Oregon and Response Ready Oregon, aim to address the growing threat of wildfires in the state.

Defensible space assessments and risk reduction projects

The OSFM, in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Forestry and the Oregon fire service, has completed more than 1,285 defensible space assessments.

These assessments help provide homes and communities with added protection against wildfires.

Additionally, the OSFM has funded various wildfire risk reduction projects throughout Oregon.

These projects are designed to improve the safety and resilience of communities facing wildfire threats.

Modernized equipment and staffing grants

This summer, the Oregon fire service will be equipped with modernized engines and water tenders through the OSFM Engine Program.

The program is providing 76 new engines and water tenders, with the first batch arriving in early 2024 and more expected throughout the summer.

The new equipment, combined with the 2024 Wildfire Season Staffing Grant, aims to increase firefighter numbers through October.

This positions Oregon to effectively manage wildfires, keeping them small and preventing them from reaching communities.

Public awareness and prevention efforts

The OSFM is urging Oregonians and visitors to support firefighters by taking preventive measures against wildfires.

To learn more about wildfire prevention and how to stay #WildfireAware this summer, visit the OSFM’s website.

FSJA comment

The Oregon State Fire Marshal’s proactive approach to wildfire preparedness demonstrates a concerted effort to safeguard communities across the state.

By investing in new equipment and conducting extensive defensible space assessments, the OSFM is enhancing the state’s capability to manage and mitigate wildfire risks.

The Fire Adapted Oregon and Response Ready Oregon initiatives underscore the importance of community involvement and preparedness in combating wildfires.

The provision of modernized equipment and increased staffing levels reflect a strategic approach to strengthening Oregon’s firefighting resources.

Public awareness and participation play a crucial role in wildfire prevention.

The OSFM’s call to action for residents and visitors to take preventive measures highlights the collective responsibility in reducing wildfire risks.

By staying informed and adopting safe practices, the community can contribute significantly to the overall efforts of keeping Oregon safe from wildfires.

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