Oregon bolsters firefighting efforts with water tender deliveries

June 18, 2024

New water tenders delivered to Oregon fire districts

The Oregon State Fire Marshal announced the first deliveries of new water tenders to the Oregon fire service, as reported by the Oregon State Fire Marshal.

These initial deliveries are part of the agency’s Engine Program and aim to enhance firefighting capabilities across the state.

The first three water tenders were delivered to the Amity Fire District, Winston-Dillard Fire District, and Cloverdale Rural Fire Protection District.

These are the first of 30 water tenders that will be distributed statewide, improving the resources available to local structural fire agencies.

Expansion of the OSFM Engine Program

The Oregon State Fire Marshal purchased 76 apparatus as part of the OSFM Engine Program.

This includes 26 Type 3 engines, 20 Type 6 engines, and 30 water tenders.

So far, eight Type 3 engines have been delivered, with more expected throughout the summer.

Deliveries of water tenders and Type 6 engines will continue in the coming weeks.

Mariana Ruiz-Temple, Oregon State Fire Marshal, stated: “We are thrilled to see the first of these new water tenders delivered to our fire districts.

“This program represents a significant investment in the safety of our communities and the effectiveness of our firefighting efforts.”

Funding and goals of the OSFM Engine Program

The OSFM Engine Program is funded through Senate Bill 762, passed in 2021.

The goal of this program is to modernize equipment within the Oregon structural fire service.

This ensures local fire agencies have the necessary tools to effectively combat wildfires, protecting lives and property.

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