NVFC offers free grant writing course for fire and emergency services

November 20, 2023

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) in collaboration with MSA Safety, is offering a unique opportunity for fire and EMS departments to enhance their grant writing skills through a free online course.

This initiative is designed to empower volunteer and combination fire and EMS departments with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure critical funding.

Free grant writing course available online until December 7

NVFC’s online course, “Grant Writing for the Fire and Emergency Services,” is now accessible on-demand.

This course, supported by MSA Safety, aims to provide comprehensive training in grant writing.

Available for free until December 7, it is an invaluable resource for departments looking to enhance their grant-writing capabilities.

Roundtable discussion on grant-writing

In addition to the course, a Roundtable Talk sponsored by MSA will be held on December 13.

This event will feature a panel of experts discussing grant-writing strategies, resources, and opportunities for obtaining grants.

The session is pivotal for departments aiming to apply for grants in 2024, including opportunities like the MSA and DuPont’s Globe Gear Giveaway.

NVFC’s continuous support for volunteer departments

The NVFC consistently offers various grants, scholarships, and support options for volunteer fire departments.

Departments are encouraged to regularly check the NVFC website for ongoing and upcoming opportunities.

FSJA Comment

The NVFC’s free grant writing course marks a significant step in supporting volunteer and combination fire and EMS departments.

By addressing a common challenge—securing funding—NVFC demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the capabilities of these vital services.

This initiative empowers departments with the knowledge to navigate complex grant applications and symbolizes a broader effort to strengthen community safety nets.

The inclusion of a roundtable discussion further enriches this endeavor, offering a platform for shared learning and access to expert insights.

The NVFC’s ongoing support through various grants and scholarships underscores the continual need for resources in volunteer fire departments, reflecting the essential role these departments play in community safety and resilience.

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