NVFC launches training program for wildfire safety advocates

March 21, 2024
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National Volunteer Fire Council introduces new training initiative

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has recently conducted its inaugural training event for the Wildland Fire Assessment Program (WFAP) Advocate train-the-trainer.

This event marks the beginning of a new network of regional representatives tasked with educating on the WFAP curriculum and promoting mitigation and safety practices in areas across the U.S. vulnerable to wildfires.

The training aimed to equip volunteers with the necessary skills and resources to perform safety assessments for homes in the wildland-urban interface, offering advice to residents on safeguarding their properties against wildfires.

Joint effort for enhanced wildfire safety

The WFAP, a collaborative project between the U.S. Forest Service and the NVFC, aims to bolster wildfire safety through volunteer training.

The program provides a comprehensive toolkit and additional resources to support the grassroots implementation of safety measures.

The initiative underscores the importance of community-level actions in enhancing wildfire preparedness and resilience.

Advocates receive specialized training

Thirteen Regional Advocates from across the United States, ranging from California to Massachusetts, participated in the training held at the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA) in Provo, Utah, on March 8-9.

These individuals, with diverse backgrounds in wildfire mitigation, safety, and education, and connections to volunteer fire departments, received detailed instructions on the WFAP curriculum.

The training included practical sessions, such as mock assessments in a Provo neighborhood, designed to apply the theoretical knowledge gained.

Chief Steve McClintock, the WFAP lead instructor and chair of the NVFC wildland committee, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative: “We’re extremely excited about the new WFAP Advocate Network.

“This group contains a variety of experienced and knowledgeable individuals that are passionate about protecting our communities from wildfires, and their leadership and skills will help us grow this invaluable initiative.

“We are grateful to the UFRA for being such a gracious host and to the U.S. Forest Service for its continuous support of the program.”

FSJA Comment

The NVFC’s launch of the Wildland Fire Assessment Program (WFAP) Advocate train-the-trainer event represents a proactive step towards enhancing wildfire safety and mitigation efforts in the United States.

By forming a network of regional representatives, the initiative aims to leverage localized knowledge and expertise to promote effective wildfire preparedness strategies.

This approach empowers communities in wildfire-prone areas and exemplifies the collaborative spirit necessary to address the complex challenge of wildfire management.

The comprehensive training and resources provided through the WFAP highlight the importance of community engagement and education in building resilience against wildfires.

As wildfires continue to pose a significant threat to many regions, initiatives like the WFAP play a crucial role in safeguarding lives, properties, and natural resources.

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