NVFC launches new website accessibility features

January 31, 2024

NVFC partners with Recite Me for enhanced website accessibility

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) announced a collaboration with Recite Me to introduce a new accessibility toolbar on its websites.

This advancement is specifically aimed at enhancing user experience on its main website and the Make Me A Firefighter public site.

The initiative will soon extend to the Virtual Classroom site.

The introduction of this toolbar is a step towards inclusive access, ensuring that all individuals can interact with the site’s content without barriers.

It encompasses a variety of functionalities, including a screen-reader, customizable styling options, a translation feature, and reading aids.

To activate the toolbar, users can click on the Accessibilities/Language button located at the top right of the website.

Detailed guide to the Recite Me toolbar

The Recite Me toolbar offers an extensive range of features to cater to diverse user needs.

A detailed user guide is available, providing insights into the utilization of each feature.

The toolbar includes options for audio playback, such as rewinding to the previous paragraph, playing the current text aloud, and skipping forward to the next paragraph.

Text customization options are also a part of the toolbar’s offerings.

Users can adjust text size, change fonts, and modify the color scheme, including the background, text, and link colors.

Additional tools such as a reading ruler and a screen mask for focused viewing enhance the reading experience.

Additional functionalities for diverse user needs

The toolbar further includes features like a dictionary for word definitions, a language translation option, and a magnifying tool for enlarging text on the screen.

Users can also opt for plain text mode, adjust text margins, and download audio versions of the text.

The settings section allows for personalization and restoring default settings, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all.

FSJA Comment

The NVFC’s initiative, in partnership with Recite Me, marks a notable advancement in making firefighting resources and education more accessible to a wider audience.

By implementing these accessibility features, the NVFC demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and acknowledges the diverse needs of its user base.

Such developments are essential in ensuring that information and services related to fire safety and volunteer firefighting are available to all, regardless of individual barriers.

This initiative not only enhances the user experience on their websites but also sets a precedent for other organizations to follow in making their digital content more accessible.

The NVFC’s effort to embrace technological solutions to address accessibility concerns is a commendable approach, reflecting an understanding of the evolving needs of the community it serves.

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