NVFC introduces updated resource for firefighter families

June 27, 2024

New resource available for fire service families

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has released the second edition of “What to Expect: A Guide for New Firefighter Families”.

This updated resource aims to help new fire and EMS recruits and their families adjust to the volunteer fire service lifestyle, as reported by NVFC.

The guide is designed to support spouses, significant others, children, parents, siblings, and other family members.

It covers the basics of volunteer fire service life and offers guidance on maintaining strong family relationships and becoming part of the fire department community.

This resource is available for free download on the NVFC website, and up to 10 print copies can be ordered for just the cost of shipping, while supplies last.

Importance of family support in the volunteer fire service

The NVFC emphasizes the crucial role of family support in the wellbeing and retention of volunteer firefighters.

The organization highlights that joining the volunteer fire service impacts the entire family.

The guide includes resources to help families navigate their new normal, ensuring they can support their loved ones effectively throughout their emergency service journey.

Providing this guide to new recruits’ families helps them understand what to expect and how to adjust to the demands of the volunteer fire service lifestyle.

Guidance for maintaining strong family relationships

The second edition of the guide offers specific advice for keeping family relationships strong while being part of the fire department family.

The NVFC recognizes that the challenges of emergency service can strain relationships, and the guide provides strategies for mitigating these challenges.

Family members are introduced to the basics of volunteer fire service life and are given tools to support their loved ones.

This includes understanding the demands of the role and the importance of being part of the broader fire department community.

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