NVFC highlights achievements and initiatives in 2023 annual report

March 21, 2024

Overview of NVFC’s 2023 achievements

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has released its 2023 Annual Report, detailing a year of comprehensive support for the volunteer fire and emergency services.

According to the report, NVFC’s efforts spanned across advocacy, training, programs, partnerships, and resource development, aiming to address the critical needs of volunteer firefighters and emergency medical providers.

Steve Hirsch, Chair of the NVFC, expressed gratitude for the community’s support, which enabled another year of successful operations and milestones.

Training and educational advancements

In 2023, NVFC made significant strides in training and education, hosting its annual Training Summit conference with a record attendance.

The introduction of two new in-person training events, the Regional Wildland Symposium and the Partners In Training (PIT) Crew hazmat train-the-trainer initiative, marked a notable expansion in NVFC’s educational offerings.

Furthermore, the NVFC Virtual Classroom grew to encompass over 40 courses and nearly 100 webinars, supplemented by a robust monthly online training series that includes webinars, Roundtable Talks, and Coffee Talks.

Partnerships and community engagement

A key highlight of 2023 was NVFC’s collaboration with John Deere, Hold Fast Features, and Vignette on a feature-length documentary showcasing the lives of volunteer firefighters and emergency medical providers.

The film, released in select theaters and on streaming platforms, has been utilized by hundreds of local departments to bolster recruitment efforts and enhance community support.

NVFC also unveiled numerous new tools and resources, and, in partnership with various entities, provided over $1 million in gear, equipment, scholarships, stipends, and grants to local departments.

Advocacy and membership growth

NVFC’s advocacy efforts were particularly vigorous in 2023, with the council providing testimony before Congress on two occasions and continuing to champion the reauthorization and funding of crucial grant programs such as the Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG), Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grants, and the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA).

The council’s membership also saw a significant increase, reaching over 33,000 members, which, according to Hirsch, strengthens NVFC’s capacity to serve the volunteer emergency services community more effectively.

FSJA Comment

The NVFC’s annual report for 2023 underscores the organization’s pivotal role in supporting the volunteer fire and emergency services across the United States.

Through training initiatives, partnerships for community engagement, and vigorous advocacy, NVFC has not only addressed the immediate needs of volunteer responders but also laid the groundwork for future advancements.

The expansion of educational programs and the success of the documentary highlight the council’s innovative approaches to recruitment and public awareness.

As NVFC continues to grow its membership and resources, its efforts to enhance the safety, effectiveness, and recognition of volunteer emergency services remain crucial.

The collaborative achievements of 2023 reflect a collective commitment to ensuring the well-being of communities nationwide.

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