NVFC announces day of action for volunteer fire service on proposed OSHA standard

June 4, 2024

Day of action for proposed OSHA standard set for June 12

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has announced a Day of Action on June 12.

This initiative aims to educate volunteer fire service members about the proposed OSHA Emergency Response Standard and gather comments on its potential impact on their departments.

The proposed standard, set to replace the existing Fire Brigades Standard, introduces several new requirements.

While many provisions aim to improve health and safety, some may pose significant challenges for volunteer fire departments.

The NVFC is advocating for widespread participation to ensure all voices are heard before the public comment period closes on July 22.

Events planned for June 12

The NVFC has organized a series of virtual events to support the Day of Action.

From 10-11am ET, there will be a live Q&A session on Facebook with David Denniston, chair of the NVFC’s OSHA Task Force.

Following this, Ryan Woodward, NVFC’s chief of legislative and regulatory affairs, will hold office hours on Zoom from 1-2pm ET.

Additionally, a virtual comment-writing group will be active throughout the day on the NVFC’s member platform, Volunteer Voices.

These events aim to assist fire and EMS personnel in understanding the proposed standard, its potential impact on their communities, and how to prepare their comments for OSHA.

How to prepare for the day of action

The NVFC has provided several resources to help departments prepare for the Day of Action.

They recommend visiting www.nvfc.org/osha-standard for detailed information and resources.

Departments are encouraged to spread the word about the Day of Action through social media, schedule training or meetings on June 12 to discuss the standard, and ensure local government representatives are informed about the potential impacts.

Additionally, the NVFC suggests taking their 10-minute OSHA Preparedness Assessment survey to better understand the readiness of departments to comply with the proposed standard.

Importance of participation

The NVFC emphasizes the importance of participation in the Day of Action to ensure that the perspectives and concerns of volunteer fire departments are adequately represented.

By engaging with the proposed standard and submitting comments, departments can contribute to shaping a regulatory framework that balances health and safety improvements with practical implementation.

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