NFPA launches NFPA Global Solutions to enhance global safety standards

March 28, 2024

NFPA introduces a new entity for broader safety compliance and advisory services

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has unveiled NFPA Global Solutions™.

This new fully-owned corporation by NFPA aims to broaden the scope of its mission by offering compliance solutions, digital products, and advisory services beyond its traditional offerings.

This initiative is designed to support and extend the implementation of the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem™ globally, assisting governments and companies in improving safety standards.

NFPA Global Solutions will function under the leadership of NFPA President and CEO, Jim Pauley [left], as part of a strategic move to enhance the NFPA’s global mission through acquisitions and new services that address a wider range of safety challenges.

Carlos Correia, [right] previously NFPA vice president of strategic initiatives, has been appointed as President of NFPA Global Solutions, where he will steer the corporation’s expansion, innovation, and scaling efforts.

Expanding global safety through NFPA Global Advisors

In conjunction with the launch of NFPA Global Solutions, NFPA has also established NFPA Global Advisors™, a new business line aimed at assisting governments and corporations worldwide in elevating safety via the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem™.

This move signifies an effort to further disseminate NFPA’s codes and standards globally, enhancing the system of safety as outlined in the ecosystem’s various components.

“The nature and intensity of safety risks continue to evolve,” said Jim Pauley, indicating the need for NFPA Global Solutions and NFPA Global Advisors to adapt and expand NFPA’s mission in helping stakeholders enhance fire, life, and electrical safety.

This strategic development reflects the organization’s commitment to minimizing risks and preventing losses through a comprehensive safety framework.

Leadership and innovation at NFPA Global Solutions

Leading the charge at NFPA Global Solutions, Carlos Correia’s role as President will be pivotal in navigating the entity towards growth through acquisitions and innovations in safety.

The addition of Keith Williams, former CEO of UL, and Michael Wallace, former executive director of business development for Carrier Corporation, as independent board members, underscores the strategic emphasis on expertise and leadership in advancing safety standards globally.

NFPA Global Solutions is set to introduce new digital products aimed at assisting customers and stakeholders in risk mitigation, safety enhancement, and operational efficiency.

Through these efforts, NFPA aims to aid companies in demonstrating compliance with standards and regulations, fostering innovation and safety in the marketplace.

FSJA Comment

The establishment of NFPA Global Solutions and NFPA Global Advisors marks a significant step forward in the National Fire Protection Association’s commitment to improving safety standards worldwide.

This strategic expansion underlines the importance of innovation and global collaboration in addressing the evolving nature of safety risks.

By extending its reach and capabilities, NFPA is reinforcing its mission by offering new avenues for governments and companies to enhance their safety ecosystems.

The appointment of seasoned leaders and the introduction of digital solutions are indicative of NFPA’s dedication to leading the charge in safety compliance, risk mitigation, and operational efficiency.

This initiative is poised to make a meaningful impact on global safety standards, demonstrating NFPA’s proactive approach to tackling persistent and emerging safety challenges.

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