NFPA Global Solutions makes first acquisition with Dyne Fire Protection Labs

June 6, 2024

NFPA announces new company and acquisition

Following the establishment of NFPA Global Solutions, a fully-owned subsidiary offering compliance solutions, digital products, and advisory services, the new company aims to enhance the NFPA’s mission through acquisitions and new business development.

NFPA Global Solutions has made its first acquisition with Dyne Fire Protection Labs, an independent testing laboratory that helps maintain compliance with fire protection codes and standards.

NFPA President and CEO Jim Pauley stated: “The nature and complexity of safety continue to evolve, presenting a need for more advanced solutions to mitigate risk.

“NFPA customers have long asked NFPA for additional products to help them do their jobs.”

Leadership and strategic plans

Carlos Correia leads NFPA Global Solutions as its president. This acquisition is part of a broader strategic plan to extend NFPA’s influence on global safety .

Correia commented: “The addition of Dyne Fire Protection Labs to the NFPA Global Solutions family enables us to provide companies with high-quality compliance testing technology in alignment with NFPA codes and standards.”

Correia also mentioned future plans to expand the portfolio with other essential services that will further safety efforts and provide value to businesses across various industries.

Dyne Fire Protection Labs’ perspective

Dyne Fire Protection Labs’ CEO, Mark Spaniol, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition .

He said: “We are excited to join NFPA Global Solutions.

“We have created a very successful model and will now be able to increase our global reach, impacting safety through effective fire suppression compliance.”

Spaniol emphasized the potential for Dyne Fire Protection Labs to contribute significantly to the mission of NFPA Global Solutions, highlighting the benefits of the expanded resources and reach.

Future outlook

NFPA Global Solutions aims to continue building its portfolio and expanding its services to meet the evolving needs of the fire safety industry.

The acquisition of Dyne Fire Protection Labs marks a significant step in this direction, promising enhanced tools and resources for industry professionals.

The NFPA press room will provide updates on further announcements and initiatives related to NFPA Global Solutions and its mission.

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