New Roseboro fire station set for construction with $4 million funding

February 1, 2024

$4 million secured for new Roseboro Fire Department

In a recent town board meeting, it was announced that the Roseboro Fire Department would receive a new facility, funded by a $4 million State Direct Grant from the legislature.

This development marks a significant step in the community’s efforts to modernize its emergency response capabilities.

The grant, as explained by the NC Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM), is part of the state budget’s provision for legislatively-directed grants. These grants are allocated to specific non-state entities for defined purposes.

Mayor Alice Butler outlined the efforts that led to securing the funding: “What happened was, I wrote letters and sent pictures and let them know why we needed this which was because of the current state of our fire department. The building was built in 1936, the bays were built in 1970, and they have a lot of issues with that.”

Collaboration and perseverance lead to funding success

The journey to obtain funding was a collaborative effort involving state and local officials. Mayor Butler credited the hard work of Representative William Brisson, Senator Brent Jackson, and Fire Chief Lee Coleman.

“Back in October, we were told that we had been awarded the money for the fire department through the Legislature,” she said. This announcement marks the culmination of a long-standing goal, one that the community has pursued for over two decades.

In addition to the grant, the town board unanimously approved a $4 million contract for the fire department’s construction, with an end date set for October 3, 2025. The mayor detailed the contract’s nature, emphasizing its design-build aspect, a method sanctioned by the legislature since 2013.

Location and plans for the new fire department

The new fire department will be located at the corner of Johnson Street and West Martin Luther King Boulevard, on land donated by the Koenig family and an adjoining property purchased by the town.

Mayor Butler underscored the community’s support: “We were very fortunate that a family asked if we would be interested in them donating the land.”

During the meeting, Butler also sought confirmation from town officials on the proposed location for the fire department, integrating the donated and purchased lands.

Recognizing the fire department’s efforts and future outlook

The mayor took a moment to acknowledge the firefighters and retired fireman Commissioner Ray Clark for their dedication and service. She highlighted the numerous fires the department had responded to recently, underscoring the importance of this development for the firefighters.

Fire Chief Lee Coleman expressed his enthusiasm for the department’s future: “I’m really excited about our future.

“This gives us hope moving forward and I’m excited for our members, both the ones that’ve stuck with us and our new members.”

FSJA Comment

The announcement of the new Roseboro Fire Department, backed by $4 million in funding, is a testament to the community’s resilience and commitment to public safety. The collaborative effort between local and state officials, spanning over two decades, demonstrates a steadfast dedication to improving emergency response infrastructure.

The new facility not only represents a much-needed upgrade but also signifies a new chapter for the fire department and the community it serves. With additional resources, including a new fire truck and the expansion of rescue services, the Roseboro Fire Department is poised to enhance its capabilities significantly. This development is a promising step towards ensuring a safer and more responsive community.

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