New regulation established for exclusive parking for veteran firefighters in Ceará

January 10, 2024

Introduction of exclusive parking regulations for veteran firefighters by the general command

The General Command of the Fire Department of the State of Ceará (CBMCE) has recently implemented a new regulation, stipulated under Portaria 797 | 2023, establishing exclusive parking spaces for veteran firefighters.

This policy is part of a broader initiative to acknowledge the contributions and service of these veterans to the community and the state.

Details of the Portaria 797 | 2023

The regulation, as outlined in Portaria 797 | 2023, specifically defines veteran firefighters as those who have retired or are in the reserved or reformed status.

It emphasizes the importance of recognizing the dedication and service of these individuals.

The decree mandates that exclusive parking spaces be reserved for these veterans at the Operational Units of the CBMCE.

These spaces are to be clearly marked with the word “VETERANO” and are designated solely for the use of veteran firefighters when visiting the units.

The use of these spaces by operational or administrative vehicles, or private cars, is strictly prohibited, except in exceptional cases as authorized by the Unit Commander.

Penalties and final provisions

In case of non-compliance with the provisions of this regulation, offenders are subject to disciplinary sanctions as per the existing legislation.

The Portaria also includes guidelines for handling cases not explicitly covered in the document.

Quotations from officials

The regulation was announced by Colonel José Cláudio Barreto de Sousa, the General Commander of the CBMCE, underscoring the need for norms to govern the allocation and use of these exclusive spaces.

“It’s essential to establish clear guidelines for honoring our veteran firefighters while ensuring the efficient use of resources within our units,” said Colonel Sousa.

FSJA Comment

The implementation of exclusive parking for veteran firefighters by the CBMCE is a noteworthy step in acknowledging the years of service and dedication of these individuals.

This initiative honors their contributions and promotes a sense of continued belonging and respect within the firefighting community.

Such measures are crucial for fostering a supportive environment for those who have devoted their lives to public service, reinforcing the values of respect and gratitude towards our veterans.

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