New Philadelphia council greenlights $1.4 million rescue truck purchase

October 13, 2023

The New Philadelphia council approved the acquisition of a $1.4 million rescue truck for the city’s Fire Department.

Rescue truck to replace older model

The new rescue truck is set to replace an older model purchased in 2003, which is reportedly starting to experience issues. F

ire Chief Jim Parrish shared insights about the increasing prices of fire apparatus, noting an annual rise between 12% to 16%.

Hence, securing the $1.4 million deal now can be advantageous, especially as this price is guaranteed only until November.

Due to the current high demand for fire equipment, delivery of the new truck is anticipated to take nearly three years.

Different views on the purchase

Councilwoman Cheryl Ramos expressed reservations, stating: “We were told that we had to buy this right now because the prices were going up.

“I don’t encourage us to spend the taxpayers’ money to panic-buy a piece of equipment… not have a clue where the money will come from to pay for it.”

On the other hand, Councilman Steve Rippeth presented a contrasting viewpoint: “I don’t see this as a panic buy as much as prudent planning to avoid higher expenses down the road. It’s to potentially save $600,000 to $800,000.”

FSJA Comment

In the constantly evolving world of fire and safety, equipment upgrades remain crucial for optimal emergency responses.

New Philadelphia’s decision to invest in a new rescue truck aligns with a broader trend of municipalities proactively upgrading their apparatuses to ensure the safety of both the public and emergency responders.

While the timing and costs of such purchases can be points of contention, the overarching goal remains clear: to equip fire departments with the best tools for the job.

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