New Jersey Pinelands forest fire contained 90% as of Monday

July 10, 2024

Pinelands forest fire: Containment efforts successful

Firefighting crews have successfully contained 90% of a forest fire in the New Jersey Pinelands, which has burned 6.7 square miles (17 square kilometers).

As reported by AP News, the blaze in Wharton State Forest, which was not threatening any structures, has resulted in no injuries.

The fire began in Tabernacle Township near the Batona Campground and Apple Pie Hill.

According to the New Jersey Forest Fire Service, the fire was detected shortly after 9 a.m.

on Friday by a spotter from a nearby fire observation tower.

The service also mentioned that further updates on the status of the blaze will not be issued.

Firework origins

Authorities revealed that the forest fire was sparked by fireworks used in the forest.

On Sunday, the New Jersey Forest Fire Service stated: “A fireworks device” set off in Wharton State Forest late on the Fourth of July caused the fire.

The blaze was spotted from a fire tower and was burning near Apple Pie Hill and the Batona Campground, which had to be evacuated as a precaution.

The forest fire service, in collaboration with state park police, the state division of fire safety, and the Burlington County fire marshal’s office, is leading the investigation.

Officials have requested anyone with information about the fire to contact the state park police tip line.

Current fire status and firefighting efforts

As of Sunday, the fire had burned approximately 4,000 acres and was believed to be 75% contained.

Firefighting crews employed a backfire operation, burning areas ahead of the main fire to prevent the flames from spreading.

Several roads and trails were closed as part of the containment efforts.

The New Jersey Forest Fire Service indicated that the fire, which had burned 6.7 square miles, is now 90% contained.

The blaze, which was not posing a threat to any structures and caused no injuries, is being closely monitored.

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