New initiatives enhance fire safety in photovoltaic systems

January 2, 2024

Collaboration for safety

A recent initiative led by the Instituto iRede, in collaboration with the Corpo de Bombeiros Militar do Ceará, Associação Brasileira de Geração Distribuída (ABGD), and Professor Lutero Carmo de Lima from Universidade Estadual do Ceará, focused on addressing fire safety in photovoltaic systems.

The initiative aimed to discuss crucial safety issues and best practices for preventing fires in these systems​​.

Importance of fir prevention for photovoltaic systems

The event emphasized the need for preventive measures to avert fires in solar photovoltaic systems.

Professor Lima highlighted electrical faults, overloads, and short circuits as common causes of such fires.

He stressed the importance of regular inspections, maintaining equipment in good condition, and following proper installation and maintenance procedures​​.

Emergency response protocols

In case of a fire, immediate evacuation and alerting the fire department are vital.

Merivaldo Britto, the Regional Director of ABGD, emphasized avoiding contact with photovoltaic panels, which may remain energized even after power is cut off​​.

Adhering to norms

The discussion also covered existing safety norms for photovoltaic systems in Brazil.

The ABNT NBR 16281 standard sets safety requirements for installing and maintaining these systems​​.

Technological advancements

Advances in technology, such as specific fire detectors for photovoltaic systems, can identify early stages of fire, enhancing safety measures​​.

Continued collaboration and awareness

This meeting at the Comando de Engenharia de Prevenção de Incêndio (CEPI) was part of an ongoing effort to share information and experiences about fire safety in photovoltaic systems.

It marked the start of a series of meetings aimed at raising awareness and promoting best practices, with the participation of universities, civil society, industry representatives, and the fire department​​.

ABGD’s contribution

The ABGD, represented by Merivaldo Britto, played a significant role in the discussion, focusing on safety measures against fire in solar photovoltaic systems​​.

FSJA Comment

This recent initiative in Ceará, Brazil, marks a critical step in enhancing fire safety for solar photovoltaic systems.

The collaboration between academic institutions, industry experts, and fire safety professionals signifies a comprehensive approach to addressing the inherent risks associated with these systems.

Regular maintenance, adherence to safety norms, and awareness of emergency procedures are pivotal in mitigating fire hazards.

The initiative’s focus on exchanging knowledge and experiences paves the way for continuous improvement in safety standards.

As renewable energy sources like solar power become increasingly prevalent, such concerted efforts are vital for ensuring the safety and sustainability of these technologies.

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