Netflix’s new documentary miniseries delves into fire at Flamengo training center

February 27, 2024
Image Credit: Distribution/Netflix

Netflix unveils documentary on the 2019 Flamengo training center fire

Netflix has announced the a new documentary miniseries titled “From Dreams to Tragedy: The Fire that Shook Brazilian Football,” which aims to shed light on the tragic fire incident at Flamengo’s training center, Ninho do Urubu, in Rio de Janeiro.

This incident, occurring five years ago, claimed the lives of ten young athletes and left an indelible mark on Brazilian football.

The three-episode series not only chronicles the personal and professional journeys of the survivors but also incorporates perspectives from journalists, football professionals, and the bereaved families, all united in their quest for answers and justice.

The documentary is set to premiere on March 14, bringing to the forefront the untold stories and the ongoing battle for accountability.

A deeper look into the tragedy and its aftermath

“From Dreams to Tragedy” offers an exploration of the events leading up to and following the catastrophic fire.

Through exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage, the documentary provides a voice for the parents and families of the victims.

Directed by Pedro Asbeg, the series also features dramatized reenactments of the tragic night, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of the incident’s causes and consequences.

The team behind the documentary

Produced by A Fábrica and developed from an original idea by UOL, “From Dreams to Tragedy” is the result of a collaborative effort led by Pedro Asbeg, Renato Fagundes, and UOL.

Asbeg, who also serves as the director, has meticulously crafted each episode to honor the memory of the victims while engaging the audience in a meaningful dialogue about the future of sports safety in Brazil.

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