Nationwide and EnforcerOne team up to enhance fire safety in agriculture

April 11, 2024

New partnership offers discounts on fire suppression systems to agriculture customers

In response to the estimated 20,000 agricultural fires occurring annually, Nationwide has formed a strategic partnership with EnforcerOne.

This collaboration aims to assist Nationwide’s agriculture insurance customers by offering them a 20% discount on EnforcerOne’s fire suppression products, including the Enforcer systems and FIREBULL firefighting foam.

This initiative underscores the commitment of both organizations to improve fire safety measures within the agricultural sector.

EnforcerOne, established in 2011 and backed by over three decades of firefighting experience, specializes in providing advanced firefighting solutions across various industries, including agriculture and motorsports.

The company’s products, such as the Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS), are designed for efficiency and effectiveness in fire emergencies, utilizing environmentally safe FIREBULL foam that is both non-hazardous and fluorine-free.

Products covered under the discount

Nationwide’s agricultural insurance customers now have access to discounted rates on several EnforcerOne and FIREBULL products.

These include the FIREBULL Easy One-Touch Fire Extinguisher, a personal fire extinguisher that employs a unique foam for quick fire extinguishment, and the FIREBULL AB firefighting concentrate, suitable for suppressing both Class A and Class B fires.

The discount also extends to Enforcer AIR 3 and Enforcer 10 portable firefighting systems, which are recognized for their capability to produce large volumes of firefighting foam.

Real-world impact and industry commitment

A recent incident on a Montana farm highlighted the effectiveness of these systems.

A farmer managed to control a potentially devastating fire using the Enforcer 10 system, despite having no prior experience with the device.

“Without EnforcerOne, we could have had a devastating outcome,” recounted the farmer’s son.

Brad Liggett, president of Agribusiness at Nationwide, emphasized the importance of fire prevention on farms, noting that such incidents can be mitigated through affordable solutions.

“Our partnership with EnforcerOne further strengthens Nationwide’s commitment to safety and prevention for our customers,” said Liggett.

Ron Thames, president of EnforcerOne, expressed pride in collaborating with Nationwide to reduce the occurrence and impact of agricultural fires.

“This partnership places easy-to-use firefighting equipment directly in the hands of customers,” Thames said, highlighting the potential to minimize fire department responses and ensure quicker, safer return to work for agricultural operators.

FSJA Comment

The collaboration between Nationwide and EnforcerOne represents a proactive step towards mitigating the risks associated with agricultural fires.

As agricultural fires continue to pose a threat to operations, equipment, and livestock, such collaborations can serve as a model for industry-wide efforts to improve fire safety standards and practices.

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