MSA Safety’s newest gas detector earns global recognition with an innovation award

October 8, 2023

MSA Safety’s ALTAIR io 4 honored by Frost & Sullivan

MSA Safety, Inc. announced that its latest portable gas detector, the ALTAIR io 4, has been awarded the 2023 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award in the global gas detection sector.

This award, given by Frost & Sullivan, an eminent benchmarking institution across several global industries, commends companies and products for their achievements in areas such as technological innovation, leadership, customer service, and strategic product development.

ALTAIR io 4: A step forward in safety technology

Being the pioneering product in the MSA Connected Work Platform, the ALTAIR io 4 was meticulously crafted as a fully connected and user-friendly safety tool.

This ground-breaking direct-to-cloud structure enables the device to effortlessly integrate with MSA Grid cloud-based software and the ALTAIR io Dock.

The combination of the ALTAIR io 4 device and MSA’s subscription service, known as MSA+, forms a robust hardware/software synergy, aiming to augment worker safety and simplify safety program administration.

By providing real-time data, this union seeks to enhance safety and productivity across workers, worksites, and workflows.

Criteria for award selection

In their announcement, Frost & Sullivan highlighted that the New Product Innovation Award is reserved for companies introducing novel products or solutions that aptly address significant customer concerns.

Key facets taken into account encompass the product’s reliability, its alignment with industry needs, the overall quality, the product’s unique features, and the ingenuity of its design.

Emphasis is also placed on the product’s customer impact, such as pricing, purchase and ownership experience, customer service, and brand value.

Gustavo Lopez, MSA Safety’s Vice President of Product Strategy and Pricing, commented on the achievement: “The Connected Work Platform is designed to help make safety simpler and to empower safety managers to develop adaptable and proactive safety programs by using our world-class sensor technology and cloud-based solutions.

“We’re empowering safety managers to help make their safety programs more efficient through paperless reporting and giving safety managers the ability to access data from anywhere.

“We’re honored to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan for this award as we continue to develop innovative safety solutions that help to keep people safe at work every day.”

Upcoming events to feature ALTAIR io 4

In the United States, attendees can join MSA Safety at the National Safety Congress in New Orleans, Louisiana, from October 23rd to 25th.

Additionally, in Europe, MSA Safety will be present at the A+A Trade Fair and Congress in Dusseldorf, Germany, from October 24th to 27th.

These events promise a first-hand experience of how connected technology is championing safety on a global scale.

FSJA Comment

The recognition of MSA Safety’s ALTAIR io 4 by Frost & Sullivan stands testament to the leaps being made in safety technology.

As the realm of workplace safety continues to evolve, it is paramount for industries to adopt and integrate cutting-edge solutions.

The ALTAIR io 4, with its focus on real-time data and seamless connectivity, is a harbinger of the future of safety management.

The attention to both hardware and software aspects signifies a comprehensive approach to addressing safety concerns, which is commendable.

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